This Islamabadi Girl Claims She Is A Desi ‘Rapunzel' And Damn, Nazar Na Lagay

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Aug, 2020

Her hair is quite literally her crowning glory. 

When you meet Zarpash, there is one thing that will immediately draw your eye; her hair!

Source: Zarpash Chugtai personal

Zarpash has been committed to growing out her hair since the 7th Garde, which was over 11 years ago! And now she has long luscious locks which prove that sabr ka phal meetha hota hai. 

Zarpash revealed that a lot of her followers, friends, and family call her ‘Rapunzel’ because of her beautiful long hair.

Source: Zarpash Chugtai personal

But not everything is always rosy for her since maintaining such long hair is a mammoth task. Zarpash revealed that it takes an ENTIRE bottle of shampoo for her to wash her hair.

Can you just IMAGINE how much it costs? Cause looking at how shiny and beautiful her hair is you know that she doesn’t skimp and get cheap shampoo, so she probably gets about 10 bottles of shampoo a month, imagine how much that costs! I buy one bottle of shampoo and it lasts me half a year and I still find it expensive.

Other than that, she spends about 20 minutes every time she has to brush her hair.

But I suppose it’s worth it because LOOK AT HER HAIR.

Source: Zarpash Chugtai personal

I mean, hey Disney, if you’re planning a live-action remake of Rapunzel I think I have found your girl. Plus, you’ll get bonus diversity points for casting a Pakistani.

She even maintains a very specific diet to make sure her hair is shiny and healthy. Now that is a lot of commitment and goes to show that good hair does not magically happen but needs a lot of care and effort.

And don’t worry, Zarpash doesn’t plan on keeping the reason behind her beautiful hair a secret, in fact, her Instagram account has a lot of posts regarding tips for good hair health. She said she is usually inundated with messages from people who want to know the secret behind her beautiful hair and Zarpash is more than happy to help.

Source: Zarpash Chugtai official

In fact, she is even planning on launching her own hair care line. And honestly, if the hair care line gets me hair as gorgeous as hers then sign me up!

What do you think of Zarpash’s hair? Let us know in the comments!

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Cover Image Source: Zarpash Chugtai personal

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