In Yet Another Genius Statement, Zartaj Gul Just Offered “Mubarakbaad” For Zia Ul Haq's Birthday On His Death Anniversary

By Noor | 18 Aug, 2020

Zartaj Gul offered mubarak for birthday to Zia Ul Haq on the day of his barsi

So, we all know how adept Zartaj Gul is at producing ‘intellectual’ gems, right? Her statements about political issues often catapult her onto the center stage and the politician is often dragged for commenting on issues without carefully researching. Well, something of this sort has happened again.


In a TV show last night, Zartaj Gul offered congratulations to PML-N as the birthday of General Zia-Ul-Haq

In an attempt to troll PML-N for its origins being in the Zia era, Zartaj tried to offer a PML-N representative “mubarakbaad” for August 17 as she said it was the birthday of Zia-Ul-Haq. The minister mixed the dates and ended up arguing that August 17, the date on which Zia’s plane crashed, is the birthday of the infamous military dictator.

She further tried to imply that PML-N, the political party, was founded by General Zia-Ul-Haq and according to her since it was Zia’s birthday so the members of PML-N should celebrate and they should pay tribute to the pivotal role played by Zia in the creation of the political party.


As soon as the words left her mouth, the host and the other guests on the show were shocked by the way Zartaj Gul flexed her historical knowledge about Zia Ul Haq

The host even tried to correct the minister by stating the historical facts. He further said, that someone’s death can not be celebrated and it should be treated as a sad incident. Zartaj Gul was adamant to prove her point and kept on reiterating the same point.



People on social media could not handle the revelation made by Zartaj Gul and the great dragging of Zartaj has begun


Naturally, Zartaj Gul has made it to the top of social media discussions for her statement on Zia Ul Haq

Via: Twitter


People stated that Zartaj needs proper training and she needs to be guided in a manner which ensures that she develops the required research skills

Honestly, it has been one too many times that the Environmental Minister has put her foot in her mouth. Maybe it really is time for the party leadership to pay attention.


People mentioned that she is definitely the most entertaining politician in the country, right now


A few joked that the minister might change the birth details of Jinnah too


In summation, people are just amused that Zartaj is ignorant, and possibly lazy, to not have researched enough to get her facts right when trying to make a joke, because she ended up making a joke of herself

Do you think it’s time that PTI leadership try and assess the very important position given to someone like Zartaj Gul who continues fumbling? Let us know in the comments below.


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