People Are Offended That Samina Peerzada Made Usman Mukhtar Uncomfortable With Her “Creepy” Questions

By Sana Yasmeen | 20 Aug, 2020

Samina Peerzada Usman Mukhtar

Pakistan’s finest and beloved veteran, Samina Peerzada has proved to be an absolute gem throughout her career on the silver screen. Not only that, Samina Peerzada’s show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular intimate talk shows that features Pakistani celebrities.

Source: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube


However, Samina Peerzada is being critiqued for an interview with Usman Mukhtar, after an interview clip resurfaced on social media and has been getting quite a bit of negative attention

Around a year ago, Samina interviewed Usman Mukhtar who had just marked his acting debut on Television by starring in HUM Tv’s drama ‘Anaa’. A clip from this interview has thus been getting a lot of negative attention because of the ‘cringe’ oozing from the question asked.


People immediately spoke out that this question by Samina Peerzada to Usman Mukhtar was a a thinly veiled attempt, and a failed one at that, at flirting


Whereas others blamed it on the fact that the age difference between Samina Peerzada and Usman Mukhtar made the whole conversation especially cringe-worthy


Others said that there would’ve been a far bigger outcry if this was an older male celebrity asking a similar question to a younger female celebrity

They’re asking if the genders were flipped, many people would’ve been outraged over this conversation because of how creepy it is for an older celebrity to ask if their guest had a “crush” on them when the said guest had not even brought up that side of the conversation.


People also brought up past instances when her interview questions just did not make sense


Of course, there were some who took this opportunity to slut shame her character


However, there were also people who found it funny and stated that it was just her way of being nice


You can check out the said interview over here and decide for yourself if Samina Peerzada really was inappropriate toward Usman Mukhtar, or not

Well, with Sameena Pirzada’s spotless past reputation, it is hard to understand that she may have been inappropriate. The reaction of the general public is a little concerning, nonetheless.

Anyways, What do you think of the ‘now-viral’ clip? Let us know in the comment below.


The Internet Can’t Stop Making Memes About Samina Peerzada, And I Am Obsessed


cover image via Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube

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