This Chinese Guy Fixing Things Using Noodles Has Become World Famous And It's The Strangest Jugaar I've Ever Heard Of

By Rameeza Ahmad | 10 Jun, 2019

These noodle DIY hacks are weirdly satisfying to watch… 

If someone had asked you a few weeks ago what you thought ramen noodles could fix, you’d probably say something like ‘an empty stomach’ or ‘a bad mood’. But now, that we are all older and wiser, we know that ramen noodles have the power to fix ANYTHING.


You just need some packet walay noodles and you can become a carpenter, plumber repairman and whatnot

To be precise, you also need their seasoning, some resin, and epoxy but they’re essentially side characters to the noodles who are the stars of the show.

The trend started from Xiubandrng, a Douyin user. Douyin is a Chinese version of TikTok. Apparently Xiubandrng is known for fixing many things with random starch-based eatables. The video of a sink being fixed with ramen noodles went instantly viral. And honestly, I found myself fascinated. There was something very satisfying about the entire process.

And soon many other videos of items being fixed with ramen noodles popped up.


Like this crazy ramen noodles DIY of fixing your car’s bumper with them?!

Who needs car insurance anymore lol


This huge sink which is completely broken being fixed with ramen noodles kind of makes you question everything you knew about the food item. Have we been eating cement in our noodles all along?!

And just imagine turning on the garam paani in this sink… disaster.


Of course, it soon lead to Pakistanis wondering what else these ramen noodles could help them fix?

Maybe we can use them to fix the economy @ Imran Khan? Just an idea.

But no matter what ramen noodles can fix up, there is still one thing everyone agrees it can’t fix; a broken heart. What do you think of this ramen noodle DIY trend? Let us know in the comments below.


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