Pashtuns Are Really Excited That Mark Weins Visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa In His Latest Episode

By Sadia Khan | 29 Nov, 2018

Mark Weins travelled across Pakistan and tasted some delicious food in different cities.


He has been releasing episodes of his food journey, getting people excited about seeing the famous YouTuber taste Pakistani food

source: Youtube/ Mark Wiens


And in his latest episode he has ventured out to the land of the best meat dishes in Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Source: Mark Weins

When it comes to succulent meat that just melts in your mouth, KP has done a fair job in providing the best choices for meat lovers all over Pakistan and it has now gone international. The traditional meat dishes prepared with a few spices and more love have been everyone’s favorite since decades.


Paskhtuns of Kp are really excited that Mark checked out their food and they’re making themselves heard

It surely made someone miss their father.

Via: Facebook


The people of KPK are known to the best at hospitality and they were welcoming him in the comments

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


Some even suggested him more dishes to try and more places to explore in KPK

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook

He started his day by getting breakfast at the famous Mian jee restaurant on the way to Peshawar. He loved their daal, and who doesn’t?


You sure want to know more about the places which he stopped by, you can watch the rest of his journey of Mardan here:


The chapali Kebab at Mardan drove him crazy! He declared them as “GREATEST KEBAB EVER” and admitted that he cannot physically resist himself from getting more. He actually said that these kebab could change one’s life.

Source: Mark Weins / YouTube


The look on his face tells a lot about how he has totally fallen in love at the first bite.

Source: Mark Weins / YouTube


How can anyone get away from KPK without indulging in Lamb Karhai? He tried that too. At the end, he wanted some more of the Chapali kebab so he stopped at another place before he ended his culinary journey through the land.


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