Eva, The PIA Kiki Challenge Girl Just Shared Some Facts About Herself & You Will Fall In Love With Her

By Biya Haq | 15 Aug, 2018

If you haven’t already heard, Pakistan just found it’s new foreign obsession.

Source: PIA Via Twitter


Eva Zu Beck, a Polish/English social media traveller, is famous and followed by thousands of people for documenting her travels all around the world.

And in her most recent travels, touched down in our very own Pakistan. She has been to a number of regions of our country and has been most famous for her go at doing the Kiki challenge onboard a PIA flight, that everyone had something to say about.


Source: MangoBaaz

Suffice to say, Eva has taken Pakistan by (social media) storm.

In her most recent update, Eva posted some pictures of her time in Pakistan on her Instagram and shared a few facts about herself.

Oh wow – it’s hard to describe the rollercoaster of the last two days! 💥 Welcome to my little universe that I share with you, 30k lovely people who are new to my account! (But also all 50k of you ✨) . All the photos in this post are 100% unedited, no filters, and they’re some of my favourite PERSONAL takes from the last couple of weeks. They’re not things I would normally post on my feed, but they make me smile 😊💕 . And, since we’re only getting to know each other, here are 5 quick facts about me: . 1. I love mangoes from the very bottom of my heart and am devastated that the season is almost over. 2. I started travel vlogging full-time earlier this year – and had to teach myself everything from scratch, including video editing, photo editing, etc! 3. Kolhapuri Chappals are GENUINELY my favourite type of footwear and I’m elated to have discovered them 💁‍♀️ 4. I plan on staying in Pakistan for another few months at least 💚🇵🇰 5. I like dogs, horses, kind people, black coffee, ice cream and running. . Tell me if you can relate to any of the above 😊🙏

A post shared by Eva zu Beck (@evazubeck) on

Source: E!

To bring her closer to us, Eva gave us five little fun facts about herself that she thought we would want to know. AND DID WE EVA (ever, get it?)

So she’s a self-taught video editor and vlogger, loves Kolhapuri chappals she started travel vlogging this year and SHE LOVES MANGOES YA’LL!


All in all, Eva is basically amazing and we love her.

Source: evazubeck Via Instagram


Source: evazubeck Via Instagram


Source: evazubeck Via Instagram

Oh, and she posted about Independence day too!

Oh and apart from just this post, Eva made an entire video on all the reasons she loves Pakistan!

Why I Love Pakistan / Independence Day 2018 🇵🇰

Happy Independence Day, Pakistan! 💚🇵🇰

Gepostet von Eva zu Beck am Dienstag, 14. August 2018

The girl is GOOD.

And the great news is now we know that she’s going to be here for the next couple of months! YAS.

And it seems as if we are not the only ones happy to know that.

Source: evazubeck Via Instagram


Source: evazubeck Via Instagram


Source: evazubeck Via Instagram


Source: evazubeck Via Instagram

We smell a fan base brewing!

Take a look at the whole video that started it all!

What do you guys think of Eva? Her travels? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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