If You Think Pakistani Parents Are Strict, Wait Till You See What These Japanese Parents Did

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jun, 2016

Growing up Pakistani usually entails facing the wrath of your parents whenever you misbehave.


A Pakistani bachpan may be defined by chittar, daant, thappar and getting shoes hurled at you.

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You probably grew up thinking that desi parents were the worst when it comes to discipline. Well all that’s about to change when you see what these Japanese parents did to their son to teach him a lesson.


Yamato Tanooka is a 7 year old boy who was left in the mountainous areas of Nothern Japan by his parents.

Source: Global News



They did this to discipline him for 5 minutes

His parents deemed this the best way to teach him a lesson after he threw stones at passing cars and people. They only meant to leave him there for 5-10 minutes but when they went back to get him, he’d disappeared.

Via: Express Tribune


But then those 5 minutes turned into 6 days

Yup, you read that right, Yamato spent 6 entire days on his own. The region he was in is known for aggressive bears and freezing nights.


Yamato was luckily found in a building inside a military drill zone this morning. 

Fortunately he was uninjured, but the bechara bacha was super hungry and thirsty went found. After being fed, he has transported via helicopter to a military hospital to get a thorough check up.

Source: whdh

(He clearly likes to flash the victory sign!)

Later his parents gave a public apology and appreciated the efforts of the search teams in getting them their son back.

So if you thought being hit by a shoe was mentally scarring, try getting dumped at a forest by your own walidain (don’t actually try it, please).

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