Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week Shines Bright With Their “Hair Show”

By MangoBaaz Studio | 24 Dec, 2021

One of the biggest Pakistani fashion events recently took place in Lahore. It is no surprise that the event had the fashion world buzzing. That’s right, #PHBCW took over social media as the 19th edition ‘Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week’ put forth a plethora of designer wear from December, 10 – 12, 2021. The event served some sizzling looks.

Source: @pantene_pakistan

Highlights from Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week

This weekend affair was a sight to behold with beautiful women walking down the ramp in embellished lehengas, sporting stylish looks, and gorgeous hair. The fashion week was sponsored by Pantene. The brand also showcased a “Hair Show”.

Source: @pantene_pakistan

A life-sized Pantene shampoo bottle took center stage during the hair show. Models dressed to the nines wore their hair down boasting their lovely locks that were immaculately styled. The theme of the showcase was “Open Hair” and the women definitely delivered as they walked the ramp. With the open hair concept emulated on the ramp through a variety of hairstyles, Pantene celebrated the #PanteneMoreOpenHairDays narrative. The concept encourages women to style and flaunt their hair every day without fearing hair fall.

Source: @pantene_pakistan

Style and music collaboration with Pantene’s Hair Show

Source: @pantene_pakistan

Of course, a power-packed show is incomplete without a solid performance. This is where Umair Jaswal took center stage. Dancing and singing along with our Pantene girls, the singer kept the energy level high. The audience could not help but shake a leg to his powerful vocals and killer moves. The electric performance by Jaswal was on Pantene’s song ‘Baalon ko Apni Tarah Urne Dou’, an anthem focusing on the freedom of wearing your hair down with confidence.

Source: @pantene_pakistan

The unique “open hair” concept also gives way to this amazing collaboration between style and music. The showcase was certainly a success as the industry’s finest vibed along to Jaswal’s performance.

Source: @pantene_pakistan

Fahad Hussayn’s Gold Collection for Pantene

Fashion industry mogul Fahad Hussayn was the brainchild behind the chic couture for the show. The inspiration behind the gold dresses was Pantene’s gold color marking. The showcase created quite a buzz at the event. All in all, the hair show definitely stood out with some fantastic hairstyles that we will be seeing for some time now. Amidst the glam and bling, Pantene’s hair show undoubtedly became the ultimate show stopper!


Cover image via Pantene

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