This 5 Year Old From Pakpattan Was Beaten So Hard By His Teacher That He Needed Surgery, Now His Father Wants Justice

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Nov, 2018

A little boy has suffered terrible injuries at the hands of his teacher.


While corporal punishment was made a punishable offense by the Pakistan National Assembly in 2014, the practice is still widespread across Pakistan.


Time and again, we hear stories of how children have been cruelly abused by their teachers, of all people. While the issue of corporal punishment at the hands of teachers is somewhat controlled in private schools due to the influence and value of parents on school management, the practice is known to be routine in public schools. And this incident is yet another one of possibly many.


Five-year-old Salman was beaten by his teacher so harshly that he broke an arm

In a video message, Muhammad Jahangir, the boy’s father narrates the entire story. Five-year-old Salman from Pakpattan’s Government Primary School 55 SP was hit by his teacher with a stick, the teacher hit Salman so hard on that he ended up fracturing Salman’s right arm. His parents had to rush their son to Lahore so he could get treated, and according to his father Salman ended up going through surgery twice to correct his fracture.

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The teacher who assaulted Salman is named Abu Bakr and is still employed by the school.

The reason why Salman’s teacher hit him? Because he had forgotten his copy. Salman’s father, Muhammad Jahangir, talks about how they had talked to the DPO and DCO but to no avail; no one seemed to be ready to hear them out. Salman’s father laments that he is merely a worker at a brick kiln which is why no one is ready to help him and his son get justice.

The video of Muhammad Jahangir and Salman was made by Dr. Misbah Zafar, who came across the pair as they are her neighbor’s servant’s relatives. She posted the video on Twitter to bring attention to this matter and possibly help Salman and his father.


People were tagging the Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari so that she could look into this incident.

But Shireen Mazari is only human and can only do so much. While she does take notice of issues on Twitter and has them looked into that cannot be the only way people who need the Human Rights Minister’s help reach out to her. A majority of Pakistan’s population does not have an internet connection much less be able to use Twitter.

The government needs to come up with better ways for those who do not have a lot of resources to lodge their complaints and actually be taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. Since the current state of affairs is less than ideal.

You can watch the video of Salman’s father narrating the incident here:


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Cover Image Source: @zafar_misba via

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