Every Pakistani on Facebook Has Friends Like This

By Warda Zahid | 31 Oct, 2015

Pakistanis are unique, that’s true. They become even more unique on social media through their interesting activities.

You are likely to find one of the following people in your friends list:


1. Those who send you random friend requests all the time

Source: Tumblr

No one can compare with such appealing way to approach, amirite, girls?


2. Strangers who find it an obligation to send you a message asking about “Baji yeh profile picture apki hee hy?”

Source: Tumblr

Umm… Isn’t the whole purpose of putting up a dp is to put up YOUR OWN picture?


Oh wait… yeah, I rememeber. And this brings us to:


3. Those who put up pictures of everyone but them

Source: Tumblr

A slight mutation of this type of people is those who put up headless pictures.


4. Pe0pl3 wHo LoV3 wRitinG LiK3 Dis!

Source: Tumblr


5. People who like their own status or pictures

Source: Tumblr


6. People who like every page on Facebook

Source: Tumblr

Among their likes you will find the most PG rated ones to the ones about blogs on parenting. Way to have diverse interests.


7. People who copy quotes for their status and keep posting them at intervals of five minutes

Source: Tumblr

Oops, I did it again.


8. People who act as weather radars by updating statuses after slight changes in weather

Source: Tumblr

Barissssssh, Ohh Maeee Gawwd!

9. People who like profile pictures of every other person in their Friends list just to get 100+ likes on their own pictures

Source: Tumblr


10. People who post selfies all the time

Source: Giphy


11. People who post cheesy pictures with their fiance just to tell the world that their fiance loves them back

Source: tumblr


12. People whose mission in life is to make sure the world knows what is haraam

Source: Tumblr

Facebook moulvi ahead… I’m out of here.


13. People who love to check in

Source: The Loop

“Loving the place!- at the rest room of Daewoo Khanaywal”


14. People who upload pictures with extremely philosophical captions.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

As if Kahlil Gibran’s goal was to provide quotes for Facebook captions


15. People who like to troll your status every time with annoying comments like “k,” “thumbs up,” “why,” “I’m here, who are you looking for?”

Source: Pixshark
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