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These Are All The Pakistanis Who’re Celebrating The Murder Of Mashal Khan In Mardan

These Are All The Pakistanis Who’re Celebrating The Murder Of Mashal Khan In Mardan

Tolerance levels are at an all-time low right now. We can’t stand anyone with an opinion different to ours and we definitely, definitely can’t stand to be told that we’re wrong.

There’s been a massive uproar about what took place in Mardan, yesterday. And the uproar comes from both sides, the left that is condemning the barbaric murder of a student by his peers and the right that is lauding the patriotic Muslims for having taken down someone who was, allegedly, speaking against their faith.

While there is a huge chunk of the society that we know who condemns the actions of the mob, there is also a very large number of people who want to know the details of the alleged blasphemy that Mashal Khan is labelled to have committed.

There are people who’re calling for an investigation on the victims. This is because they believe that if an amount of people, as huge as the one in Mardan, gets together and does something in the name of God, there has to be some substance to it. Whether you agree with their points of view or not, the fact is that it exists. And we need to know what they’re thinking, as well, so we can understand where they’re coming from and what their mindset is because it’s these people who form the majority of our country.

This is not limited to the Mardan incident. This is just for a broader understanding of where these people are coming from. You may or may not agree with what they’re saying. They may or may not agree with what you have to say, either.


And this sentiment is not just limited to the Mardan incident

Once again, we are not pointing fingers at anyone, we’re not aggravating either wing, we’re not trying to tell you who’s right and who’s wrong; all we’re trying to do is show the other side of the spectrum for you to understand what is going on outside of your bubble.

If you have something to add to the conversation, comment below and let us know what you think.

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