Here's How You Can Help Your Friend When They're Going Through A Breakup

By Arslan Athar | 14 Apr, 2017

So breakups happen. Its best we accept and deal with it. When your friend has a breakup you need to be there for them. You need to listen to them, console them and get them to fall out of love with that low life that broke their heart.


When they try talking to you, just listen with an open mind even if you think they’re at wrong.

You might want to slap them because they might be a little illogical and it’s okay. They’re going through some shit and you need to hear it. But of course if they’re being super pagal and blaming themselves for EVERYTHING then you need to intervene.

Source: The Living Picture/ Youtube


Hug them

They need it! Also a good, warm hug can fix like anything. If you’re hugging na-mehram people, just remember it’s on you.

Source: IRK Films


Keep your opinions to yourself till they explicitly tell you not to.

And you must also keep trying to change the topic when the ‘ex’ comes up in conversation. You must make sure this person becomes ‘The One Who Can’t Be Named’.

Source: The Living Picture/ Youtube


Feed them ice-cream and other junk

Nothing hits the spot like chocolate and sugar, in general.

Source: Giphy


Once they’re stuffed with all the ice-cream in the world, be real with them

They’ll keep bringing up their relationship and you’ll start getting a *little* annoyed. You need to start telling them how it is. ‘Its over, that person was shit, and you deserve better, get your head around it!’


Take them out for a nice day out

Nothing heals like some retail therapy and good old fun.



Don’t let them listen to sad breakup songs

Mujhse pehli si  mohabbat‘ is a big no no. Sorry Noor Jehan.

Source: Youtube


Burn photos of their ex with them

Only till a certain extent, obviously. Don’t go crazy. Pata chala ghar hi jal gaya. But wait, with technology and everything, maybe just empty out their gallery.

Source: Giphy


Don’t let them reply to messages…EVER.

Bad idea, terrible idea. ABORT ABORT ABORT!

Source: Soch Band/ Youtube


Tell them they can’t take all the blame

Source: Youtube


It’s okay for them to cry

Yes they need to move on, but its a process and there will be some crying days, and got to be there for them.


And never ever say the following lines, because they’re CHEESY AF

  • It will get better.
  • Plenty more fish in the sea
  • You deserve better anyway
Source: AdeleVEVO/ Youtube


Don’t let them get into a new relationship too fast.

But to do it when they’re ready.

Source: ARY Films

Basically, be a good friend! Don’t let that ex spoil their life, be their ray of hope in that moment of darkness.


Be their true, honest friend

Source: ARY Films

That’s the least you should be doing anyway.


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