All The Replies To ‘Humaari Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti' That Might Actually Work

By Sarah Babar | 14 Apr, 2017

There comes a point in every relationship where the ultimate existential question arises – that of shaadi. Now it’s also possible that one side, or either side, is not ready for shaadi and everything that comes with it, and the only reason it’s being brought up is because of societz. And that’s okay. But how do you deal with being told that you can’t marry the person you actually want to get married to? Or if you’re the one who’s been dreaming of the shaadi? Do you break down and cry? Do you go into a corner in your room and refuse to leave it for days? Do you stop shaving your arms, driving away all other men? Or do you let your beard grow out and join the other hipsters?

But why do you have to be so sad? It’s okay. Here. Hug.

Here’s a whole bunch of replies you can use the next time (I’m kinda hoping this doesn’t happen often with you) someone tells you humaari shaadi nai ho sakti:


1. It’s okay… bhai

Hota hai aese bhi. It’s okay. Calm down.



2. Jub shaadi nai kerni thi tau scene kiun on kiya?

Itna kuch diya meine s relationship ko. Aur tum ne mujhe kya diya? Itna bara D? Dhoka?



3.  Challo, tum nai koi aur sahi

Pleeeeenty of fish in the sea, bebe.



4.  Actually… this works out great

It’s like you read my mind



5. Thanks for making it easier

Woh actually…I was just going to say the same thing



6.  Ubh mein apni Ammi ko kya boloun gi?

Unhoun ne tau meri baraat ka jora bhi banwa liya tha…



7. Hum dost tau reh saktey hain na?

So that we revel in our misery even further…



8. Wait…hum ne shaadi kerni thi?

Whoooops. Challo good thing, then…I guess…


9. Kya…matlab no jahaiz?

I’d planned out my further education already



10. Kya? Matlab no jahaiz? 😀

I can finally go on with my plans for further education



11. And my personal favourite

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