Here Are All The Things Almost Everyone In Pakistan Is Guilty Of Doing

By Sarmad Amer | 19 Dec, 2016

Pakistanis are known around the world for many reasons. We feel massive pride in being known as a hospitable bunch, while others can point us out in a crowd by our overzealous energy at socializing. However, there is one thing we Pakistanis are not known for and that is our cleanliness and etiquette. Not saying that we are uncultured oafs but we do have some gross habits that make even the most nonchalant among wish we could be swallowed by the ground.


Dumping trash out in the streets.

Let’s start mild, shall we, because rest assured there are some really gross things coming along later.

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So this one is not only gross, it is very bad for our environment. But we are all guilty of selfishly throwing out a juice box out of the car or emptying our trash can in the street. Gross!


Talking about others as an actual hobby.

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Backbiting is usually attributed to the aunties who have no better thing to do with their time but we have all been guilty at some point in our lives of setting up a gossip sesh (or two) with our BFFs to bitch about literally everyone.


Letting infants run naked.

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I understand that this is how God made us, and that is how Adam and Eve landed on earth. But call it the birthday suit or going au naturel, it is not the best sartorial choice for your children. Imagine the emotional scars on them when they see their childhood photos when they’re older.


Picking noses in public.

WARNING: We are now entering major gross-ville territory.

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You’ve all seen it happen. Maybe even tried to steal that annoying booger yourself that one time. But remember, it is GROSS. And so not discreet. Use a tissue next time, please.


Peeing on the side of the road.

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Okay, so this one is understandable if it comes as an emergency measure when there’s no access to a public bathroom. But it is a common sight seeing men facing walls or trees on several streets in Pakistan. Can’t you hold it in a while, till you find a bathroom? Or just go somewhere people can’t see you!


Not covering your mouths when coughing, sneezing or yawning.

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No one wants to see the insides of your mouth. And don’t even get me started about that puff of air when someone sitting close-by sneezes or coughs. Please, don’t share your germs with others. Use a tissue!


Touching yourself in public.

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Oh yes! This is quite possibly the worst one of all. No one likes to see you holding that pouch, or you scratching yourself vigorously while standing on the sidewalk. Keep your hands away from your crotch!


Sharing food or shaking hands without washing them first.

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With all the gross things we are guilty of, this deserves to be hammered into our minds: It is advised that you all keep a stash of tissues and a hand sanitizer with you at all times to keep others safe from you.


Hating on celebrities because it makes you feel better about your own miserable life.



Preaching religion to others and actually being a shameless pervert in real life.

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People are gross!

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