These Are The Most Epic Tweets From Pakistan In 2016

By Haadia Paracha | 19 Dec, 2016

Despite the shit buckets 2016 brought along, it was a pretty eventful year for Twitter Pakistan. Brace yourself for the most epic tweets from Pakistan in 2016:


1. That time when the pyaara chai wala Arshad Khan made all the men a little too insecure.


2. That time when the war on twitter surpassed actual threats.


3. That time when strong independent women got so extra.

4. The time Sheikh Rasheed came in like a wrecking ball.


5. That burn tho.


6. Those jabs at the desi rishtaydaar and their manhoos harkatein.


7. The very twisted religious mumbo jumbo.


8. The girl with all the answers.


9. Dear future husband, make note…


10. The time when we existentialism hits you right after dinner.


11. Them dope-ass rhymes.


12. “Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t. Hurt. Me. No more.”


13. Another year, another 435272 dharnas.

14. The time honesty wasn’t exactly the best course of action.


15. That defining moment of every relationship.


16. The time desi moms got no chill.


17. This guy with a damn good photoshop job.


18. This dude who was just meeting parental demands but lolololol.


19. This fucking hilarious shit right here.


20. That moment when Pakistanis just got too damn basic.


21. “Dil tou pagal hay. Dil deewana hay.”


22. That moment your pocket just wouldn’t let you enjoy the finer things in life.


23. Just some everyday scenes on National Geographic.


24. The time this joke format got a little too introspective.


25. When bae is being unreasonable.


26. That time when things were lost in translation.


27. That guy who rained on everybody’s parade (for good reason)


28. Bik gayi hai gormint.


29.  Tfw Harambae is on yo mind.

30. Only single friends will understand.


31. And the award for the most endearing moment of 2016 goes to…


32. A little salute to king Misbae.


33. Only 90s kids would understand.


34. Them ~feels~


35. That very entertaining mental imagery.


36. Captioning headlines like…


37. Rishtaydaar bhi kabhi bhi jaan nai choreingay.


38. The most powerful piece of poetry ever written.


39. The very apt pictorial representation of life in 2016.


40. That time internet won itself over multiple times.


41. Pakistani moms > Everything else.


42. That time when hints were dropped like bombs.


43. The time ammi ji started to play it cool.




45. When your little brother trolls you.




47. How’s your DM game?


48. The time when Pakistani internet had a collective meltdown over this public display of LUNACY.


49. “Bachay chukan aali maii.”


50. When your paros wali aunty is just so unreasonable.


51. This very enthusiastic job applicant.


52. The very perplexed grandson of all time.

Pretty great year in tweets, wasn’t it?


Here’s everything else that happened in Pakistan in 2016

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