Pakistanis Are Cracking Up Over The Senate Committee Banning Smoking Hashish In Parliament Lodges

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 May, 2018

In a rather interesting turn of events, the Senate Committee wants people to stop smoking hashish inside the Parliament Lodges.

The Senate Deputy Chairman, Saleem Mandviwalla AND the PTI Senator, Samina Saeed, both complained that they felt dizzy due to the inhalation of second-hand smoke. Turns out, a lot of people have been smoking hashish inside the Parliament Lodges. And it’s starting to annoy many of the members. Because of how irritating it is. Illegal aspect important nahi hai, apparently.


Oh and apparently, sometimes police officials joined in on the fun too.


However, the following statement was made by Senator Mandiwalla, as reported by another publication. 

“Those smoking hashish should be stopped, they can go outside somewhere and smoke it.”

Wait – hold up: “go outside somewhere and smoke it”?! That’s cool and all, but, uh – isn’t hashish illegal? (Yes it is.)

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Khair, once this news broke, people obviously had a lot to say. I mean…it’s hard to get through stuff like this without sharing a thought or two.

A lot of people weren’t really surprised by the news

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People also picked up on loopholes.


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Some were supportive about the unintended message of being able to smoke hashish anywhere else.

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Some had their own theories about the decision.

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A few people took this as an opening to start the debate on legalizing recreational drugs.

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And finally, some had ~high~ expectations from other political parties.

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In the age of social media, discussions like these made amongst members of the Senate committee are bound to be reported. And come on, they probably already know about this.

So what exactly are they trying to say about smoking hashish?

Source: MangoBaaz/YouTube

If you’ve decoded their message, humein bhi batao. Share your thoughts in the comments below. But also, since it’s all still illegal, sambhaal ke rehna. 

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Cover image via The News International

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