Pakistanis Are Seriously Offended After Canadian Biker Rosie Gabrielle Put The Flag On Her Puppy

By Maryam Khalid | 26 Oct, 2020

Rosie Gabrielle posted a picture with her pet dog wearing the Pakistani flag and the internet has lost its shit

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian travel vlogger who became known for her travels around Pakistan. About a year ago, she traveled throughout the country on her motorbike and fell in love with the place, culture, and people. She traveled to a lot of regions of the country; Lahore, Swat, Multan, Gwadar, and beyond.


Rosie had fallen in love with Pakistan and its culture when she came to travel here last year that she even converted to Islam

Source: @rosiegabrielle / Instagram


Now after a whole year, Rosie Gabrielle announced her return with a Pakistani flag

She said she was excited to explore all the places she didn’t get to see before but this time she says she has moved to Pakista.

In her post announcing her move to Pakistan as someone who will be living here and not just traveling, she posed with her adorable little puppy on her heavy bike after arriving in Lahore.

Source: @rosiegabrielle / Instagram


Some people were quick to point out that Rosie’s dog wearing a Pakistani flag was offensive to them and well, things took a downward turn from there on

People were extremely offended because for some reason the Pakistani flag was conflated with their religion and also their sentiments being hurt because apparently a dog, that she keeps as a pet who is almost family, wearing the flag as a symbol of pride is a terrible thing, apparently.

Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook
Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook
Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook


Sadly, this is not the first time Pakistanis have lashed out at someone for having their dog wear the Pakistani flag

Back on Independence Day, a lady on Twitter got her pet Labrador to rock a bandana adorned with the Pakistani flag. She quickly found herself at the receiving end of a huge, misogynistic Pakistani hate storm that was fueled by a certain terribly misogynistic, bullying YouTuber.

Via: Twitter

So, it’s safe to say that Pakistanis are not alien to people confusing patriotism with their beloved pet dogs. Unfortunately Rosie didn’t know that.


Many have also been asking Rosie to remove the photo with her dog because it is offensive to them

Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook
Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook


But some sane voices are standing up for Rosie and stating that she had good intentions after all

Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook
Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook


After the terrible shit storm, Rosie Gabrielle responded to this entire situation saying that her dog is as much a creation of Allah as any other living thing and she was proudly showing off her dog wearing her new chosen country of residence’s flag

Source: Rosie Gabrielle/ Facebook


In the end, it just comes down to one question

The concept of dressing up your beloved pets for festivities isn’t new. It’s just a way to celebrate with more vigor because why should animals not be treated well? But Pakistanis have different ideas when it comes to pet dogs (or any animals for that matter) celebrating and we have witnessed two similar backlashes in the same year.

Nevertheless, we are happy that Rosie Gabrielle is back in Pakistan and we hope that she enjoys her experience as a resident here as much as she did as a traveler in this country.


Check out this video by MangoBaaz about the experience of foreigners in Pakistan:


Cover image via @rosiegabrielle/ Instagram

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