11 Honestly Surprising Features Of The EcoStar Android TV 960 Series That Will Make You Go 😱😱😱

By MangoBaaz Studio | 26 Oct, 2020

If you need a new TV you don’t need to look any further than the newest EcoStar Android TV

While the ongoing year and its “gifts” have forced us all to stay home most of the times, this has also made us realize the importance of good home entertainment experiences. With cinemas being out of the question, a good TV is very important now and this is where EcoStar comes to the rescue, the company has released a new television which is perfect for your maximum entertainment experience because it is Android 9.0 powered and absolutely packed with top-of-the-line features.

So let’s unpack some of the features in EcoStar’s Android TV that will make you salivate with temptation:


1. The EcoStar Android TV is powered by Android 9.0

The Android 9.0 system in this television will make your viewing experience so much better because it’s easier to operate and understand.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


2. The TV is absolutely stunning to look at, with its stunning design and HUUUGE screen

The EcoStar Android television comes in three sizes with the smallest being 55 inches and the biggest being a whopping 75 inches! Honestly, who even needs the cinema with a screen that big at home?!

Source: ecostar.com.pk

The television is slim and sleek in it’s design and almost looks like a painting when mounted on your wall.


3. The EcoStar Android TV offers voice control

Yep, you can now control the television with your voice.

Source: Bays & Thomas Productions

Don’t even have to get up to grab the remote. How cool is that?!


4. Google Assistant on the TV will help you whenever you need help

Have a query or request?  Well, the EcoStar Android TV has Google Assistant so just ask out loud for whatever you need.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


5. You can get all your favorite streaming platforms with licenses. Netflix? Prime Video? YouTube? You’ve got ’em all with the EcoStar Android TV

Source: Little Stranger, Inc.

These days most people choose streaming over traditional TV channels. With the EcoStar Android TV offering Netflix, Amazon Prime and of course YouTube with official licenses, you can switch from watching Stranger Thing to seeing your favorite YouTuber’s latest upload in a matter of seconds.


6. The picture quality on this TV is not just good, it’s LEGIT

Of course the picture quality on this television is good. I mean it has 4K ultra HD, HDR10 & HLG, Dolby vision so you know they are not playing around.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


7. Amazing Sound Quality

Source: ecostar.com.pk

Equipped with DTS Tru surround sound, the television will give you the kind of sound quality you could only dream of before.


8. Bluetooth 5.0 that allows you to connect up to five devices at a time with the EcoStar Android TV

Want to show your family some funny videos or may you want to watch a WhatsApp video of your niece on the big screen? Well, the EcoStar Android TV can support up to five devices being connected to it via Bluetooth.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


9. One Touch Remote

The remote for this television is a thing of true beauty. You can switch from your preferred streaming platform to traditional TV channels and back, all in a matter of mere seconds and with the click of a few buttons that are especially dedicated for each platform.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


10. Chromecast

Of course the television also has a Chromecast built-in function so you can stream anything from your phone directly on to the big screen.

Source: ecostar.com.pk


11. The advanced AI Technology lets you enjoy all these features and a superior EcoStar experience in an unmatched way

Source: ecostar.com.pk

Honestly, with the EcoStar Android television in your home, you might never feel the need to go out anymore and complete your transformation into the elusive ~couch potato~ and it’s all worth it.


Cover Image Via: ecostar.com.pk

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