Pakistanis Are Demanding Strict Action For The Wukla Gardi In Lahore

By Noor | 12 Dec, 2019

The wukla gardi in Lahore is condemnable

Lawyers in Lahore were engaged in a weird form of protest yesterday. Having been involved in a scuffle with doctors, a large group of lawyers in Lahore were involved in damage to property and straight up endangering lives of patients at a hospital.


The wukla gardi was at full display outside the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore yesterday after a case of personal enmity allegedly aggravated to such an extant

Even Punjab Information Minister Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan became the target of the angry protestors. It is being reported that this irresponsible conduct by the lawyers has led to the loss of many lives.



People on social media have rightly termed the mass demonstrations by lawyers in Lahore as ‘ wukla gardi’


So many people are demanding action over this wukla gardi, from the Punjab Government because hospitals are sacred places

Even in times of international armed conflicts, hospitals are spared.


Many famous names have come forward condemning the actions of lawyers, as well


People are questioning if anything will be done to ensure that these so-called upholders of law will be dealt with according to law for disruption of law and order

They mentioned that this act by the lawyers shows that the so-called protectors of the law have tried to breach it and they should be reminded that they are not above the law.


They labelled this act by the lawyers as a sheer disgrace to the profession


People all over social media are demanding a strict action to be taken against the lawyers and have mentioned that the culprits have their faces visible in the CCTV cameras and the videos


They’re asking the government to cancel the license of all the lawyers involved in today’s incident


Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has allegedly taken notice of the issue and an FIR has been registered for this wukla gardi

Violent protests like these always end up in the suffering of a common man. The power tussle between the doctors and lawyers has resulted in the death of many. While freedom of expression is an integral part of democracy, this right should be used wisely. Furthermore, it is the duty of the state to ensure that no one should be above the law and be dealt with strictly if they violate the same law as they claim to be upholding.


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