People Are Questioning If The Attack On The Chinese Embassy Was A CPEC Sabotage Conspiracy

By Biya Haq | 23 Nov, 2018

Is this it for CPEC?

The Chinese Embassy in Karachi was attacked earlier this morning.

The situation was handled and the gunmen were stopped, however, two policemen did lose their lives in the pursuit of the attackers.

The area of Clifton was on high alert at the time yet now seems to be clearing out due to quick interference by armed forces. Allegedly, the Baloch Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Though the attack may be over, Pakistanis all over social media have been questioning CPEC.

And more specifically, possible conspiracy theories in regards to sabotaging the whole accord between the two nations.

Many people are convinced that the attack was orchestrated by officials in India.

Others are pinning blame on other nations.

Nothing can be confirmed as yet in regards to any kind of sabotage against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, however, suffice to say that the attack upon the embassy was enough to get Pakistanis talking.

We are still waiting on a statement from the government as well as the Chinese Consulate but for now, it seems as if the conversation on sabotage has just begun.

What do you think of the attack? Do you think it was India? Afghanistan? Balochistan? Let us know what you think about the current conversation in the comments below.

Here’s Everything We Know About The Attack On The Chinese Embassy In Karachi

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Cover photo source: @Yasmeen_9/SamaaTV

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