Here's Everything We Know About The Attack On The Chinese Embassy In Karachi

By Sajeer Shaikh | 23 Nov, 2018

In a horrific turn of events, the Chinese Embassy in Karachi, located in Block 4, Clifton, was under attack this morning. People claim to have heard firing and explosions. The police has arrived and are trying to contain the situation. News channels are covering the incident as we speak.

Even on social media, live updates have started rolling out. 

Gun shots were apparently heard around 9.30 am this morning. According to some news reports, four gunmen tried to break in but were stopped by security officials which resulted in a showdown. Other reports claim that the gunmen managed to get inside and were shooting from atop the building. This is still a developing situation.

Reports also claim that two gunmen have been martyred as a result of the firing match.

As this news has begun unfolding, many people within the area – especially those who can hear or see the situation – have started taking to social media to warn and inform others about the situation.

Some are narrating the situation as it plays out…

…while others are sharing absolutely terrifying visuals of the same.

The smoke can clearly be seen rising from the building.

While the visuals are harrowing…

…witnesses are risking it all to keep fellow countrymen informed.

Updates regarding the area are also being shared on social media. 


Moreover, while earlier reports claimed that the attackers managed to get inside, it is being claimed that police officials are stating that that was not the case.


While some people are hoping for a rest to this chaos…

…others are sharing what it’s like to be closely interlinked with what’s happening. 

Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail, has since taken notice of the situation.

Moreover, varying claims that some of the terrorists have been killed are also circulating.

It is also being alleged that the Baloch Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The horrifying attack that started earlier this morning is now allegedly being contained, as per some reports.

While the attack has allegedly been contained, people still have questions…

… and pressing concerns. 


The situation has alerted everyone in the city, especially residents around Block 4. According to some reports, the area is now being cleared by the security forces that had been deployed. People are keeping a look-out and are alerting others as and when they can. It’s truly unfortunate that lives have been lost as a result of the attack.

Again, this is still a developing story. If you know more about the attack or have updates, feel free to share them with us. And for all those who are within the area, stay indoors and stay safe.


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