We Asked Pakistani Women About Their Travel Horror Stories And They Did Not Disappoint

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Oct, 2018

Pakistani women have been stepping out of the traditional four walls and gender roles, slowly but surely. One of the things that these brave ladies have been indulging in droves is traveling. Now, while traveling isn’t THAT new to Pakistani women, traveling alone sure is.


So, we spoke to a bunch of Pakistani women who have been traveling alone to share their experiences

With the help of Maliha Abbas, whose very interesting campaign to empower women, #LetHer, inspired us, we gathered a bunch of avid travelers from all across Pakistan.

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These included, Zenith Irfan also known as the motorcycle girl (the one whose life was turned into a movie).

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Teacher, traveler and student Zubaria from Islamabad

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And the girl with the green passport, Anum Hakeem, who shared her exciting experience at the insanely gorgeous ‘glow-in-the-dark’ beach in Pakistan.

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And these women have, collectively, traveled all across the world.

From the lengths and breadths of Pakistan

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Traveling on motorcycles

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To remote African countries like Uganda – that not a lot of people would keep on their travel bucket lists

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And the cult favs of European nations, these ladies have literally traveled all across the world

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These ladies shared some very interesting travel horror stories with us

Like the time Anum got rushed into a side room at the airport in Cambodia and was interrogated by the airport staff for traveling alone on a Pakistani passport to a country like Cambodia. She shared how scared she was because she was all alone in a completely new country, but experiences like these are what have shaped her to be the confident traveler that she is now.

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And Zenith talked about the scary scene when she fell off her bike and into a fast flowing river in the Northern Areas of Pakistan almost losing her life.

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For all their crazy adventure stories, watch the video here

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