This Pakistani Student Does The Best Covers Of Some Of The Most Chichora Bollywood Songs

By Ather Ahmed | 2 Aug, 2017

Hey guys, meet Ahmed Nadeem a Pakistani Ph.D student at University of Iowa

Source: Ahmed Nadeem

Ahmed here is currently doing quantitative medical imaging research. Not entirely sure what that is but sounds fancy. According to Google, it has something to do with the development of MRI machines. Some of that advanced science type stuff.


Aside from being a very science-y bacha, Ahmed is really fond of animals

Source: Ahmed Nadeem

Nothing to see here. Just two homies chilling.


Also the guy plays the guitar really well and in his pastime he records unorthodox covers of chichora Bollywood songs


By an unorthodox version, I mean Heavy Metal, like really heavy

It’s not your average East meets West fusion stuff. It’s on a whole new level. It’s like Kumar Sanu and John Petrucci one day decided to go to a recording studio after hitting the bar.


From ‘Chaiyyan Chaiyyan‘ to ‘Sheila Kee Jawani‘, this guy has done it all

“As a fan of heavier music, I think it’s cool to think about how these great compositions and melodies would sound with heavier orchestration” Ahmed told MangoBaaz.

“Some times I just do them ’cause I think it’s funny” he laughed.

To someone who listens to metal the influences are pretty obvious while hearing these covers. You can feel Iron Maiden at times. There’s a pinch of Metallica too. Certain songs even have complex and progressive arrangements, like Dream Theater.

This guy is not kidding around.


The best part is that Ahmed uses original vocal tracks for all his covers

This way the music doesn’t becomes too overbearing and the songs keep their original essence.

“I just import the song into my DAW and play guitar and write parts that go well with the song,” Ahmed says.  He went on to add that at times it’s best not to overthink when making these covers.


The audience response to these covers of his has been somewhat polarizing

“Some people appreciate the music, great. Some people don’t, and think I am ‘besmirching the metal'” Ahmed shares. “But honestly, I do it because I just like listening to them myself”.


He doesn’t just stick to Bollywood either, Ahmed does metal remixes of vilayati pop as well


And being a fan of WWE, he also covers entrance themes of your favorite superstars

You can check out more of his work on his YouTube and Soundcloud.


Cover image via: Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

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