15 Excuses All Desi Parents Use To Keep Their Children From Going Out

By Sajeer Shaikh | 2 Aug, 2017

Desi parents aren’t the biggest fans of letting their kids run free. Every time you have to leave the house, you probably need to butter them up to get permission. However, our parents always have a stock of excuses that they use to keep us from leaving.

Here are a few that you may have heard during their oft-repeated tirades:


1. “Kapray theek nahi lag rahe.

If you’re not wearing clothes that your desi parents approve of, chances are that the argument that ensues will automatically cancel any prospects of you leaving the house. Because khandaan ki izzat depends on your attire.

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2. “We’ve never heard of these friends before. Kaun hain yeh?” – an ancient desi parent proverb

Even if you’ve mentioned your friends to your parents countless times, they will forget who they are. They’re not too great with names or faces in general. Bohot kam dost yaad rehte hain. However, sometimes, they do this on purpose because they love keeping you at home.

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3. “Nahi, these friends of yours are up to no good.”

Desi parents have a very fine filter as far as your friends are concerned. Judgments toh roz pass horahi hoti hain. Sometimes, when they’re in a particularly sour mood, they’ll use this to hold you back from leaving the house.

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4. “Yeh itni deir deir tak kaunse plans hotay hain?” – desi parents for a 9 pm plan

Raat toh bajay hee ho hojati hai, as far as desi parents are concerned. If a plan is considered to be one that isn’t within the range of time that they consider to be decent, nikalna mushkil hojaata hai. 

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5. “Halaat kharaab hain.”

Every time you have to go out, halaat automatically kharaab ho jaate hain. All of a sudden, the city is in turmoil and you leaving the house will ensure your demise.

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6. “Mausam kharab hai.”

If the halaat won’t stop you, they’ll talk about how the mausam is kharab. They’ll try to convince you that sab bemaar ho rahe hain aaj kal to scare you into staying at home.

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7. “Beta, all the roads are blocked.”

They’ll put on some news channel that probably has nothing to do with your city and talk about how traffic jam hua hai poori sheher main. If they’re really into it, they’ll argue how every route you take will be blocked.

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8. “Gaari available nahi hai.”

The car will magically disappear when you need to go out. It’s a little suspicious, considering your parents weren’t in favor of the plan. It’s all too convenient.

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9. “Bas awaara banna aata hai.”

Is your day even complete without hearing the age-old taana about how awaara you’ve become because you like going out? Argument idhar end hojaati hai. 

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10. “When will you help out at home?”

If you haven’t been helping out at home, you can kiss the chance of going out good-bye. The fact that you’ve been sleeping extra, or have been a lazy pile of kachra in general, only deepens the grave you’ve dug for yourself.

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11. “Mehmaan aa rahe hain. Stay at home to meet them.”

Apparently, the mehmaan are coming to meet you. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you stick around and meet them. Never mind the fact that they may not even fully know your name.

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12. “You’ve gone out too many times this week.”

This is one of those argument ending sentences. You, yourself, know you’ve been out a lot. So putting up a counter-argument doesn’t make sense, especially when you know it won’t be justified.

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13. “Pagal ho apne doston ke peeche.”

Parents: If your friends jump off a cliff, will you do the same?


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14. “Parhai ka koi haal nahi hai.”

Your academic weaknesses are the perfect point to raise when your parents want to stop you from going out. Bringing up parhai is another way to end arguments.

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15. “Beta, we’re worried about you.”

You just can’t argue. They know how to work all possible emotional angles to get you to listen. And, at the end of the day, they do genuinely care, toh argue karte huay sahi bhi nahi lagta. 

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Have your parents ever used these excuses? What excuses do you think desi parents generally use? Which excuses have worked on you? Let us know in the comments below.


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