These Pakistani Men Were Riding Motorbikes In Suits This Weekend And It Wasn't Just For Your Entertainment

By Biya Haq | 26 Sep, 2017

And there were some really sharply dressed WOMEN too!


So for those of you who haven’t heard, there was a large group of very good looking and very well dressed men and women collectively riding motorbikes this past weekend

Don’t believe us?

Source: Yasir Nisar Photography



Source: Yasir Nisar Photography


Because it happened… all over Pakistan

Source: Yasir Nisar Photography

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a global organisation that raises awareness and support research into men’s health on behalf of prostate cancer.


The international event takes place every year in hopes to spread the message of awareness and the importance of men’s health

And it happens all over the world. We’re talking



And India

To name just a few.


This isn’t the first time it has happened in Pakistan

The Distinguished Gentlemen in Pakistan have taken to the streets in the past to bring awareness to their cause.

Source: Omer K.’s Photography Via: Facebook


Bike enthusiasts took their bikes to the streets all over Pakistan (and the rest of the world) in the name of awareness and looked AMAZING doing so

Source: Yasir Nisar Photography


The gentlemen in Pakistan rode out in style on Sunday, September 24 in Karachi

Source: Adeel Hameed / Facebook



Source: Muhammad Daud / Facebook


And Islamabad

Source: Touqeer Ahmed Photography


It is so good to see that people in this country know when something is important to stand up for

Prostate cancer is an extremely unfortunate disease and one that deserves attention. It’s great to know our citizens would step up to the plate, (and on the accelerator) for this issue and look soOoOo good doing it.

Source: Yasir Nisar Photography


Did you go on the ride this weekend? Do you wish you did? Same. Let us know in the comments section below.

Also, to learn more about men’s health issues AND to find out how you can help out head on over to The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Facebook page here.



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