13 Secret Perks You Can Enjoy Only If You're A Middle Child

By Kashaf | 26 Sep, 2017

Middle children are infamous for suffering from the “Middle Child Syndrome” and are known to be neglected and emotionally unstable, but that’s not always the case. Most middle children are too busy complaining to realize the many advantages of being the second born.

Here are some secret perks only a middle child gets to enjoy:


1. You have mastered the art of patience

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After years of waiting for your turn to play with the new toy or to have the TV remote, middle children learn to be extra tolerant.


2. People have a good impression of you

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Chances are you went to the same school as your older bhai/behen and you had the same teachers as your over-achieving older sibling. This is a good thing because they presume you are just as smart – when most of the time you’re not. 😉


3. You are very creative in getting people’s attention

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Middle children are known to be the creative sibling. They’re constantly coming up with clever and imaginative ways to get their parent’s attention. From imaginary friends to their own secret language, these kids are truly gifted.


4. You get the best of both worlds because you’re not too old and you’re not too young either

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Middle children understand the struggle of being both an older and a younger sibling. When you were younger and only wanted to hang out with your older sibling they would tell you to GTFO, so naturally, when your younger sibling asked you to hang out with them you had the same response.


5. You have thick skin

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Middle children develop thick skin to get through a childhood full of constant comparisons and years of being forgotten. *tear*


6. You’re the funny sibling

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Middle children use humor as a defense mechanism to cope with their problems. Who cares if dad forgot my birthday….at least I’m funny.


7. Your parents didn’t have to experiment on you so you’re not AS crazy

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Middle children do not have to deal with the anxiety of first-time parents.


8. You don’t have to deal with the pressure of getting married first

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The eldest sibling has to deal with all the drama and meltdowns that come with the first shaadi in a family. As a result, when the middle child’s turn comes around they know what to expect.


9. You make good decisions because you’ve seen your elder ones’ experiences

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As a middle child, you were young enough to be curious about things, but old enough to know better. You’ve learned from your older sibling’s mistakes but also keep in mind your bholay younger sibling’s perspective. This helps you make great decisions.


10. You are rebellious

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If you are a middle child, you may have gotten less attention than your siblings. Because of this, you have probably rebelled to some extent. It is normally a harmless rebellion for some much needed attention, like dying a strand of your hair blue, but it teaches you to not fear controversy.


11. You sometimes end up being a little too dramatic about getting attention

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Since you’re dramatic about the lack of attention you get from your parents, you have an excuse to act like a brat and misbehave. In turn, your parents try to give you extra attention to make you feel more loved and suddenly they’re too involved in your life and you’re drowning in affection. HELP.


12. You’re the mediator when the rest of your siblings are fighting

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Since the middle child is so used to dealing with the fights of siblings, they act like a peacemaker and become the go-to mediator between their friends.


13.  But best of all, because you’re not the family’s baby or the “responsible one” so you get to do so many things without getting caught

Basically, you get to stay on the DL.

Source: Soham Rockstar Productions / Jhoom Jhoom Productions

Since your eldest sibling outshined you in every way possible, you’re basically ignored at family gatherings like Eid, where your mama ki khala ki beti has no idea who you are or what your name is. Take advantage and hide in the corner.


Being the middle child definitely has its perks. People may think we’re forgotten but in reality we lucked out.


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