This Pakistani Girl Professed Her Love To Ahmed Shehzad And It Backfired Pretty Badly

By Hurmat Riaz | 22 Jun, 2017

So, it all started with a Swedish singer and songwriter, Zara Larsson.


But why are you being introduced to her?

Via: Giphy

We are not going to talk about her music here but how she got together with her crush.

Yes! You read it right! HER CRUSH! Jis say baat kernay ke liye hum zindagi aisay he guzaar detay hain!


A couple of years ago, she tweeted this out to her crush, Brian H. Whittaker who’s a model.

*well, who wouldn’t crush on a model? pffftt*

Source: Twitter

This tweet led to a close friendship which later blossomed into a lovely relationship. Her recent tweet confirms that!

Bari taiz niklen ye Zara baji! Why didn’t we ever get this idea!?

Lots of people picked up this trend and of course few (or none) have been successful at it:

Source: @yourlovehoran/Twitter

This Pakistani girl also jumped on to the bandwagon and tweeted out to our green shirt starry, Ahmed Shehzad!

Hahaha. Yes, our very own Ahmed Shehzad!

Source: @hiraashaikhh via Twitter


But.. it backfired so badlyyy!!!

Source: @hiraashaikh via Twitter

She got blocked by her crush!

Via: Giphy

Yikesss. That’s gotta hurt.


And she doesn’t seem to understand what happened?

Koi nahi. Hota hai, hota hai.

People have been retweeting Hira’s epic fail and having a hearty laugh at her situation.

Source: @khanylelanga/Twitter


Source: @geezave/Twitter
Source: @Zee_mazibuko


Well, it didn’t work out for Hira but others have also started tweeting and whether they get together with their crush or not, it’s all sorts of funny.

This girl tried out for Shehreyar but of course aiwain he nahi crush mil jata!

Others are tweeting out to their friends now to show their love and support for each other:

Awww that’s so sweet!

Internet is sometimes such a beautiful place. Keep ’em coming, guys! Just don’t tweet to Ahmed Shehzad, woh shaadi shudda hein aur kaafi khush bhi hein. 


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