The Internet's Loving This Pakistani Fashion Blogger For Her Modest Style

By Aqsa Rizwan | 22 Jul, 2017

Bihamaal Zurqa, better known to the social media world as baemisaal is becoming the face of Pakistani modest fashion world. Bihamaal is a Fashion Blogger, photographer, videographer, a social media influencer and a makeup lover.

With a following of thousands, she seems to be taking many people by surprise with her unique style and charisma displayed on her Instagram


Source: @baemisaal / Instagram

Baemisaal has chosen to go down the road less traveled in her love for diversity. The hijabi blogger wears a turban.


She has given the traditional burqa avenger/ninja concept a twist making herself an inspiration and a role model for many modern day hijabis

“It was after the huge amount of stares and question marks on people’s faces when me and my mom would go somewhere together and when people thought I’d only be friends with people who were religious and took the hijab that I thought I’d do something that makes people realize how in love with Diversity I am.” says Baemisaal.

Source: @baemisaal / Instagram

This inspired her to do her “Unity in Diversity” shoot in celebration for her 10k followers. She picked 5 lucky winners, gave them a makeover and a photo shoot!

Source: @baemisaal / Instagram

“I used to have a Mohawk but also pray 5 times a day. No one ever got that.”

“I feel like people thought I’d become this boring person after I started the hijab and I was like ‘I have to change the way people like me are seen’, ‘I am NOT boring’”.

Her Instagram features western clothing and hints of a typical lifestyle blogger(you know, quotes and food pictures!). If anything, she comes off as a total #GirlBoss! You are not the slightest bit boring, Baemisaal, we know.

Source: @baemisaal / Instagram

“I’m the first person in my entire family to take the hijab. So it came as a shock to a lot of people outside my family who saw me” baemisaal explains her journey of taking up the hijab.

“Sometimes I have days where I just want to stop because of the shit that people say. But then I have to force myself to get back up again and let that not happen to anyone else. We just need to be stronger and tune their negativity out”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, she’s not just a woman, she’s a warrior!


Her Instagram also features some of her efforts in the world of makeup.

Oh and sneak peek, there’s glitter and flowers! Basically everything to make you feel like she is a princess!

Source: @baemisaal / Instagram


…and sometimes she looks like she’s STRAIGHT OUTTA COACHELLA!

With her face being the beautiful canvas she presents her artistry on!

Source: @baemisaal / Instagram


The Multi-tasking Positivity & Women Empowerment speaker can be found on her Instagram, Facebook and website for bookings to help you get her kind of style.

We can’t wait to see you be more baemisaal!

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