These Pakistani Expats Just Made A Comic About Donald Trump And You Won't Believe How Funny It Is

By Ather Ahmed | 20 Jul, 2017

Donald Trump is possibly the most famous entertainer right now, all over the world. With his constant infatuation for bans, walls, and news (not the real kind), the President of the United States is truly the poster child for misplaced priorities, Mr. Trump sure has captivated the whole world. The guy’s lack of experience and incompetent decision making isn’t helping his case either.


The antics of Mr. Trump and his staff are proof as to why a significant chunk of the population in the United States are dissatisfied and don’t take him seriously


Those belonging to the Muslim community in particular are frustrated since The Donald’s polices directly affect them. In all seriousness, though, with the way his temperamental policies are unfolding, these are pretty scary times to live in, especially if you’re a minority.


These Pakistani-Americans are working on a new comic called ‘The Incapable Trump’ to counter all the scary things Mr. Trump throws our way

Comic creators Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin have channeled this frustration to create a work of art.

Source: Omar Mirza

The comic, as the name suggests, is somewhat of a satire on Donald Trump’s controversial acts in the office. The title is a play on the much popular ‘The Incredible Hulk’ franchise which happens to be one of Omar’s favorite comics.

The basic premise revolves around Donald Trump transforming into a monster whenever he gets embarrassed. Kinda like how Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk every time he gets angry. The only difference is that instead of being the conflicted hero, Trump is the outright villain of this story.


According to Omar the whole thing started as an ‘expression of frustration’

“The day he got elected,I felt a deep unrest and frustration with the direction he represented. So I started toying with the idea of creating an image or a poster to summarize my feelings”, said Omar. For him to partake in this venture came as a compulsion of sorts. In a way as a Pakistani-American you can say it was also somewhat of a responsibility.

In the image below, Trump resembles ‘Red Skull” the villain of Captain America. In the Marvel comics, Red Skull was the founder of the fascist organization Hydra with only Captain America standing between his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump says ‘Hail Hydra’ at one point.

Source: Omar Mirza


Interestingly, these comics started off as a joke

“I posted it on Facebook having no intention to write a story” recalls Omar. However the mock poster was perceived as an actual comic with people expressing interest to by it.

“And then I though why not? Why not use my hobby as a way to speak out about what was bothering me. Thankfully Trump gives me a lot of material to work with” Omar laughed.

So Omar decided to work on the script for the first issue which he describes as a natural process.

Via: Twitter


In the first issue Trump goes on a rampage in Washington DC

The whole thing starts off on Trump’s first day in office where his ‘goons’ consisting of Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon barge in. They inform Trump over bad inauguration numbers. Trump initially brushes it off as fake news. However being confronted by the press embarrasses him that in turn transform him into a monster, ‘The Incapable Trump’.

Source:Omar Mirza


Trump goes to the national archive and ends up destroying the constitution

Source: Omar Mirza

Eventually he is defeated by the American people. “The constitution isn’t just a piece of paper by the living freedom and laws that are embodied by each and every American” exclaims Omar. He transforms back to the president and is whisked away by his secret service agents


These guys are also behind “Zindan: The Last Ansaars” set in the Mughal Era

Source: The Last Ansaars

With “Zindan” the guys aim to introduce characters that are more relatable to the South Asian population. The series so far has received positive response and we hope more such gems are introduced in the superhero genre.


What are your thoughts on the Trump comic? Would you want to read it?

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