11 Pakistani Celebrities That Went Missing After Reigning Lollywood

By Sarah Babar | 7 Mar, 2018

There are a lot of people who made the Pakistani film industry, aka Lollywood, what it is and got it to the heights that it is at, at this point. A lot of those faces were, at one point household names. But when you take them now, in front of the latest generation, they only seem like a faint memory. Like that of a distant relative who used to visit a lot but doesn’t anymore. While we still catch glimpses of some of them, here and there, or maybe a one-off project, we really do want to see more of them around. Here are a few of those names that have been missing from the forefront of Pakistani cinema for a long time now, and we’re just wondering where they went.



1. Moammar Rana

Source: marathi.tv

Moammar Rana was the original bad boy, he got all the girls, he had that ripped body, and he was quite the daredevil.



2. Saleem Sheikh

Source: pak101.com

Being Javed Sheikh’s brother, you’d expect to be seen around a lot more in terms of entertainment (sorry but nepotism lols). Having said that, we are in no way discrediting his contribution to Pakistani cinema, and we miss seeing him on our screens.



3. Babar Ali

Source: pakdramasonline.com

We never found out whether Babar Ali was the bad guy or the good guy, the good bad guy or the bad good guy. We just remember seeing him around in so many films that sometimes we’re left wondering where he is



4. Rambo

Source: filmsplusmovies.com

Inspired by the original Rambo, this funny man was not only a star in films but also in television.



5. Saud

Source: pak101.com

While Saud is definitely present behind the camera, there was a time when he reigned the Pakistani film industry with his acting talent.



6. Babara Sharif

Sourcce: luxstyle.pk

We love love loooove Babara ji. The way she used to play both shy and coy characters, while being her quirky self set the path going for many young and aspiring actors to be.



7. Reema

Source: images.dawn.com

This haseena has always carried herself with such elegance and grace, and we miss that on our screens so much.



8. Resham

Source: images.dawn.com

One thing we remember about Resham was that bomb hair of hers. The woman used to dominate every screen she would set foot on.



9. Saima

Source: paksmile.com

Yes, we see Saima ji in dramas, but we miss her on the bigger screen. When fans would stand in lines for hours to watch her films.



10. Sahiba

Source: dailytimes.com.pk

There’s always been something about Sahiba which would pull people to watch her work.



11. ‏Meera Jee

Source: tribune.com.pk

Hum sub ke diloun ki dharkan, humaari apni Meera Jee. Meera Jee keeps talking about her comeback but it never really happens and we’re honestly really sad about it



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