Pakistani Celebrities Are Demanding Justice For Khadija Siddiqi After The Courts Failed Her

By Iman Zia | 5 Jun, 2018

A year ago, Shah Hussain was sentenced to 7 years in prison for stabbing Khadija Siddiqi 23 times in broad daylight. After his sentence was reduced to five, yesterday Lahore High Court declared him a free man. This harrowing news has shaken Pakistan to its core, further disheartening any perseverance in the face of righteousness, only further proving that Pakistan’s justice system has a long road to redemption.


After the verdict was called, Khadija took to social media and tweeted an incredibly harrowing string of words we would never have hoped to read

The verdict that Shah now walks a free man (he’s the son of quite the influential lawyer) has angered Pakistani celebrities who simply cannot fathom such an outcome after such a terrifying battle for Khadija



Mahira Khan could not believe it and expressed her standing with the victim, declaring this will NOT be the end


She demanded unity in such dire circumstances, as the hashtag #JusticeForKhadija has taken Twitter by storm


Hamza Ali Abbasi too was livid, declaring that ‘no stone’ shall be ‘unturned to get her justice against this [Shah] barbarian’


He further went on to discuss how his never-ending bickering with Reham Khan should end (thankfully) and that this serves more attention


Armeena Khan empathized with Khadija, utterly in shock and unable to comprehend what the victim has been going through in this tormenting case


Osman Khalid Butt too was distraught at the news…


As was Meesha Shafi, who gave her strength by proclaiming her a survivor, fighter


…And a warrior (righteously so)!


Asim Azhar had hope that truth will prevail and we will win the fight


Mooroo advocated how ‘power is capable of influencing decisions’ in all aspects of the judiciary, and despite being incredibly disheartened, vowed to not give up and ‘save Pakistan’


Zainab Abbas announced unity too with the victim, explaining an unfortunate yet blaring truth – that the ‘innocent are guilty of crimes they never committed’


Ali Gul Pir correctly stated a comment directly aimed at Shah and his influential father, ‘daddy’ in a sarcastic tweet that seeped in aching precision


Comedian Jeremy McLellan was ashamed of Pakistan and urged everyone to continue to support Khadija and the lawyers she was fighting with


Mawra too warned that ‘we shall not let the culprit of such a heinous crime get away with it’


We are all here with Khadija

May justice prevail.


The Man Who Stabbed Khadija Siddiqi 23 Times Was Just Acquitted In Lahore High Court And Pakistanis Are Outraged

This Girl In Lahore Was Stabbed 23 Times In Broad Daylight A Year Ago, She’s Still Waiting For Justice

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