Here's What Type Of Shaadi Guests These Pakistani Celebrities Would Be If You Invited Them

By Arslan Athar | 1 Jun, 2018

Your favorite shaadi guests might just be these celebrities, or would they?

Shaadis, you either love them or you hate them. However, what people don’t realize is that theĀ shaadi guests make or break the experience. Now, it isn’t every day that Pakistani celebrities steps into a wedding you’re at, so we thought it would be fun to imagine what some of Pakistan’s biggest stars. Shall we begin?


If your shaadi guests had celebrities and you invited Momina Mustehsan, she’d probably fall prey to the dholakĀ wali aunties

She’s got a good voice, and well that’s all the aunties need to make theirĀ dholkiĀ needs fulfilled. Good luck to you, Momina!

Source: @mominamustehsan // Instagram

There’s always that one friend who’s really in with the ‘family’ at shaadis;Ā that would be Fawad Khan.Ā 

Your family would love him, and he’d make instant friends with them all.

Source: @nichelifestyle // Instagram

The beauty queen (other than the bride, of course) would DEFINITELY be Mahira!Ā 

I mean, must I really justify this choice.

Source: @mahirahkhan // Instagram

Sheheryar Munawar would be the goofball of theĀ shaadi.Ā 

From silly dance performances to photobombing, we can totally see Sheheryar doing it all!

Source: @sheheryarmunawar // Instagram

Ahad Raza Mir would constantly be under the ‘rishta’ radar atĀ shaadis.Ā 

He’s young, he’s good-looking and famous, legitĀ aur kya chahiye?Ā All the aunties would be circling him, asking him all sorts of question.Ā Haye bechara!Ā 

Source: @ahadrazamir // Instagram

Sajal Ali will be the social butterfly;Ā sab ko mil rahi hogiĀ 

Oh you know the type, they seem to know everyone, their evening is literally spent exchangingĀ salamsĀ and theĀ ‘kaisi hai app?’Ā question.

Source: @sajalaly // Instagram

Humayun Saeed will be the loudest person there

Oh you know, the person who hoots after every dance and that one person whom you can hear laughing anywhere you go in theĀ shaadiĀ hall.

Source: @saeedhumayun // Instagram

Mawra Hocane will be famous for her dance moves.Ā 

She proved her status as the dancing queen as her own sister’s wedding, which is why she will always be chosen for group dances atĀ shaadis.Ā 

Source: @mawrellous // Instagram

Urwa Hocane will be that person who obsesses over photosĀ 

May it be selfies or group pictures, she’ll either be in the photos or pulling people toĀ be part of them. You may hate this person in the instant that they’re forcing you to take photos, butĀ jabĀ photos printĀ hongi,Ā you’ll be grateful!

Source: @urwatistic // Instagram

Hamza Ali Abbasi will be at the uncles table- because politics and religion are hot topics there!

Yup, I went there šŸ˜›


Javed Sheikh will be the fun, dancing uncle.Ā 

There’s always an uncle who wants to be in with the ‘youngsters’ and well to be fair, is pretty successful at doing so. Also, he’ll be that one person who pulls up all the other uncles and aunties to the dance floor. CUUUTTTEEE

Source: Dawn Images

So, what do you think about these celebrities at Pakistani shaadis? Let us know in the comments section šŸ™‚


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