22 Pakistani Ads That Will Totally Take You Back In Time

By Sarah Babar | 13 Jan, 2017

We all know us 90’s kids got the best of most things, whether it was television, music, or the outdoors. Know what else we got that was insanely cool? These advertisements that literally take you back in time and don’t be surprised if you still know the words and punchlines.

Because here’s a secret: WE ALL DO.

So here goes, a journey down memory lane:


1. Don Carlos

I know I know we love it, too

2. Ae Khuda Mere Abbu Salamat Rahein

3. Naz Pan Masala

3. Polka Mango Ice Cream

4. Binaca

5. Olivia

She’s so pretty tho


6. Nauras

7. Rafhan Jelly


8. Dentonic

The reason behind a lot of our dental hygiene


9. Dawlance



10. Pepsi

If that was generation next, then we’re straight up buddha


11. More Pepsi loving

…and 100mph inside jokes.

Ermagerd Inzi Bhai you total cutie.


12. Brooke Bond Tea

Imran Khan still doing his 50 push ups and s-laaaaying.


13. Ding Dong

Consider this therapy.


14. BP Spacer Toffee


15. Candyland Ki Chocolate NOW

16. Kisan Uria

giving us reasons to love Pakistan

17. Wasim Akram’s iconic anti-smoking ad

Classic is right.

18. Morven Gold and it’s cray adventures

19. Red And White

20. Mitchell’s Butterscotch

still wonder if the little girl child got her candy or not

21. Peak Freans

And omg that opening music used to make me want to do baghawat at home and run away…

22. Mod Girl Creme Bleach

I also want to be a mod girl..


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