These Tweets Are Everything You Need To Know About The Pakistan Vs India Showdown

By Hurmat Riaz | 19 Jun, 2017

Twitter was on fire today, as it should’ve been. The Pakistan vs India final proved to a nail-biting, teeth-grinding experience for people on both sides of the border. In fact, people are still celebrating Pakistan’s glorious victory. Therefore, here is a complete round-up of everything that went down during the exhilarating¬†Pakistan vs India final:

1. Everyone’s hearts collectively stopped when they assumed Fakhar Zaman during the first few minutes into the Pakistan vs India final

This one made us all go crazy, but baal baal bach gaye.

2. Eventually, a new term was coined for this brilliant man

3. Fakhar reminded people of some other legends

4. Even the Indians were fakh-ed up!

5. Indian players ke expressions were absolute GOLD

6. Everyone was pumped up and super excited

7. Kafi mubarak sabit hua ye mahina

8. Jo baat hai

9. Somewhere, amongst all the tension, aman ki asha was still alive

10. People were banking on wides

11. There was a whole lot of trolling

12. And Rishi Kapoor seemed to be on the receiving end of most of it

13. Fakhar and Azhar were a sight to behold

14. Pakistan ko Fakhar pe kaafi fakhar tha 

This will never get old.

15. But Azhar was not forgotten either

16. Josh har taraf tha 

17. There came a point jab Azhar Ali out hogaya, but was appreciated just the same

18. Fakhar Zaman’s chakkay made us go ballay ballay

Yeah, there’s a lot of Fakhar Zaman in here, but man was brilliant today.

Source: MangoBaaz/YouTube

19. India ko troll karna kaafi essential ban gaya tha

20. When it was our turn to bowl, Shadab was on fire!

21. He was channeling his inner warrior

22. India ki taraf se sannatta chaa gya tha

23. Even goras were supporting us!

24. Some hard love for Hardik was also poured out.

25. There were way too many Hardik puns

26. Lolol India. Khair hai.

27. Rishi, hum aap ko aisay nahi bhoolain ge

28. There was a point when wickets started to fall – JUST. LIKE. THIS.

29. Indians were not having it.


Via Giphy

30. Ranveer Singh congratulated the team

Thanks, Ranveer!

31. Many Indians took to Twitter to congratulate Pakistan on their win

32. Rishi jee was not forgotten

33. Everyone was over the moon

34. Eid hi ho gayi, basically

All in all, it was a final worth watching. Pakistan saw their mauka and went big.¬†Eid mubarak¬†–¬†I mean –¬†jeet mubarak, Pakistan!

Cover Image: Hindustan Times

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