41 of the Most Hilarious Highlights of Pakistan v India Match

By Haadia Paracha | 20 Mar, 2016

Pakistan-India clash of the titans is always a center stage for an electric crowd glued to their Television sets and big screens. The rivalry makes for some very interesting live commentary over the internets. Whether you are an armchair analyst, pot-stirrer or hardcore cricket fan, last night’s game made for some very entertaining highlights.


1. Good ol’ fashioned pre-game bantz


2. Ms. Baloch’s recent claims sparked some debate.

3. Reminiscing about the previous Pak vs Ban match was only natural.


4. On the other side of the border, the feels were pretty much the same.


5. #DhokaDhoka


6. The excitement was unreal.


7. Meanwhile, our #GirlsinGreen made us PROUD ???


8. That’s right. They proved some serious mettle. ❤️


9. Anyway, then, the weather conspired against us.


10. Truth.


11. The legend-daddy.


12. Major throwback.


12. Y’all know that one annoying kid…


14. Vande Mataram. ??


15. Kabhi khush kabhi gham.


16. Ijtimayi duaein were also performed


17. The crowd was positively un-supportive, at times.


18. Not to forget, rain and moisture messed with the pitch.








22. Taking a step backwards from all common sense.


23. Shoaib Malik’s inning was glorious.?

But didn’t last that long…


24. In came Afridi.


25. People were reeling from the effects of the #AnthemGate even toward the end of the match

…Who also apparently messed up the anthem lyrics (???)


26. More power to the feminists.


27. ???


28. Technology can be such a pain.


29. Shaadi vibes.


30. Qandeel Baloch was extremely upset.


31. Why @ God.


32. Team India didn’t spare us either.


33. …


34. Just for the lolz.


35. This was monumental for cricket fans regardless of their allegiance. 


36. Why didn’t we let Amir play???


37. Tribute.



38. #CutForHumanity




40. The greater good.


41. It all comes down to this…

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