The Only Highlights of Pakistan v Australia You Need

By Sarmad Amer | 25 Mar, 2016

So, Pakistan v Australia has been played and lost. Congratulations to the Australians for playing against a broken, disheartened team of green shirts. And congratulations to the team for keeping on with the spirit of the game despite the savage, ruthless criticism against them and even announcements of sacking some of them(imagine what that does to the moral of those players).


Despite all the boys continued on and put on an entertaining match. Here are the highlights from Pakistan v Australia that you must not miss:


As soon as the match started, Pakistani fans started opening up their siparas


And the fielding was a point of contention for all


Before everyone became a Sharjeel fanboy during his batting, this is what the folks had to say


When the girls turned down this guy


When Amir lovin’ stopped


When Sami kinda’ sorta’ definitely fudged it up for a sec there


When it was time for Pakistan’s innings



When Pakistan team took their turn on the bat, this is what people had to say




Armchair analysts had to put in their tweets too

And then suddenly Afridi picked up game…


And soon he was gone


While this tweet sums up all


Aur jo bhi Pakistanis will always bleed green


Better luck next time, boys.


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