Pakistanis Have So Many Questions Over The Mainstream Media's Silence On Parachinar And Quetta Attacks

By Sajeer Shaikh | 26 Jun, 2017

After a relatively peaceful Ramazan that actually gave Pakistanis a reason to celebrate after the team’s win in the ICC Champions Trophy final, it seems like Pakistan has once more been engulfed by a cloud of darkness. Be it the tanker explosion in Bahawalpur that has claimed about 148 lives, or the terror attacks in Parachinar and Quetta, that have claimed close to 80 lives, the country is in a state of mourning right before the auspicious occasion of Eid.


People are taking to social media to let their anger be known

Some people are pointing out how numerous people will be left mourning on Eid

People have been left shaken after finding out about the news

And some highlighted how a lot of damage had been inflicted within the course of three days

Some are praying for the families of the deceased

While a few political figures condemned the attack

And declared these attacks to be attacks against the nation

Some people couldn’t help but notice certain discrepancies

The silence seemed deafening to many

And people were quick to call out anyone who they believed was contributing to the silence

Some said it like it is

And this individual perhaps best summed up everyone’s sentiments


It is at times like these when we are left questioning whether or not all lives matter equally within our country. Our own silence over such matters is mind-boggling. Perhaps we have still not come to realize that the death tolls are more than just figures – they are actual human beings who have been cruelly taken away from their lives – from their families – who have nothing more to remember them by except memories. While our country bleeds once more, we hope that the families of all the victims find the strength to carry on after this immense tragedy.


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