Gasp! Men Just Discovered A Survey Proving Pakistan Is A Shitty Place For Women & They Can't Believe It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Nov, 2018

News flash: Women in Pakistan have it PRETTY bad!


There is a lot of research being done globally on which countries are the best to live in and what not. And a lot of research tends to focus on certain subsections which exist within society such as children, elderly and popularly women.

And similarly, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security compiled a list of 153 countries and ranked them from the best to worst in terms of how they are for women to live in. They have an entire system on how they calculate their rankings.


These latest rankings are from 2017, and in that Pakistan was ranked at number 150 out of 153… yep.

That’s not great. And if you have disbelief reading that number then you’re not alone and you’re probably also a man. While these statistics have been around for a while, men on Twitter seemed to have just discovered them. They were recently shared by someone on Twitter who simply could not accept that Pakistan was one of the very worst countries for women to live in.


And of course, other MEN could not begin to accept such an inaccuracy. Surely, women in Pakistan can’t have it THAT bad.




But clearly, these men have not been talking to the women in their lives because uh, it’s pretty tough out here for us. 

And a lot of women thought this ranking seemed pretty accurate.

If you are a woman who is reading this article chances are you are in the topmost percentage of this country. You cannot be considered as the average Pakistani since a large part of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas and is largely uneducated.

So it’s not that these men are in denial but just ignorant about the fact that the women around them are privileged. And constitute a very small part of Pakistan’s female population.


Just because the women that we know and those who are usually around us seem to not have it THAT bad, does not mean that this is the reality for all the women of Pakistan. And that is exactly what some people pointed out.

The sad part is, that these men were more upset with the thought of the ranking being seen by people around the world than by how bad lives of women in Pakistan must be for us to land this dismal spot on the list.

And these are the thoughts and opinions of educated and powerful men in the country. Turning a blind eye to the suffering of women and completely denying it will not make things any better. If men are so concerned about how bad we are doing in our ranking then they need to change their attitudes towards women and help make Pakistan a better place for females to live in. Because honestly, that is the only way that things will get any better.

What do you think about this ranking? Let us know in the comments.


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