Pakistan & China make RANDI

Pakistan & China make RANDI

Pakistan & China make RANDI

This is not a joke. This actually happened.

Pakistan and China recently joined hands to launch a new think tank dedicated solely to research and development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. According to the official press statement, the goal of the think tank is to provide an information corridor to promote perspectives, data and information for policy-makers, students, specialists, scholars and companies of both countries.


The name of the program is called “Research and Development International (RANDI)”.

While the think tank could be beneficial for both the nations, someone could have given a little more thought to the name – especially from Pakistan’s side. Seriously.

Here’s what a few people in the Tweetosphere had to say about RANDI:

There are several questions that come to mind. The biggest one, however, is simply: WHY?

Source: Giphy

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