Pakistani Trans Community Just Celebrated The Country's First Trans Pride Parade

By Nayab Imtiaz | 31 Dec, 2018

In countries like Pakistan where bigotry and dehumanizing people is said to be a ‘’difference of opinion’’ these trans people came out on streets to give out a major statement that they cannot be erased.


On Saturday December 29th 2018, the trans community of Pakistan celebrated the country’s first trans pride parade in Lahore

Source: Queeristan / Facebook


They also lauded the government for passing the bill on the rights of trans individuals

A press conference was held at Lahore Press Club on Saturday where the members of trans community demanded the implementation of trans rights bill.

Trans Pride March Pakistan
Source: Queeristan / Facebook


They community also celebrated their existence with a medley of colors and fun in a small pride march

Source: Queeristan / Facebook

They carried out a rally on the streets of Lahore and honestly it is just so amazing (and pretty).

It was the first ever Trans Pride March in the history of Pakistan.

First Trans Pride March in Pakistan
Source: Queeristan / Facebook


When it comes to representation of LGBTQ community in the country, the ground realities don’t really match the government’s efforts

Most cisgender (straight) people of Pakistan were clueless about the parade.


It’s not all bad though, as those who found out that the first ever trans pride parade of Pakistan happened were pretty excited

They were hoping for Pakistan to become a country where everybody can have equal rights and opportunities.

Via: Twitter


Trans pride march is all about solidarity, and trans visibility and everybody should be celebrating that

Some people are admiring the courage of these people because Pakistan still unfortunately remains a country where tolerance of anything other than a Punjabi Sunni Mard  is pretty low.

Trans Pride March Pakistan
Via: Twitter


Recently Pakistan has been making strides in the acceptance of the trans community and state level

The country is, in fact, being hailed as one of the most progressive around the world forTransgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act and has shown acceptance of trans community in public spaces with people like Marvia Malik and Kami Sid becoming mainstream public figures who aren’t caricatures of their true self.


Do you see Pakistan becoming a country in near future where trans and other gender identities are accepted and celebrated? Let us know in the comments.


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