This Man Claims To Be Pakistan's “Alternate PM” And He's Literally The Most Random Person Ever

By Ramsha Bhatti | 27 Jun, 2018

With the elections around the corner, the political scene in Pakistan has surely picked up its pace. Political candidates are leaving no stone unturned in their attempts to win 2018’s elections, but all of this will go in vain. Too much of every political candidate’s dismay, Pakistan already has the most promising option in the running. We’ve got an alternate PM.

The people of Pakistan already have a PM in mind, long before the list of the potential candidates was released.


We would like to introduce to you Nawab Amber Shahzada!

Shazada Saab’s electoral campaign poster speaks about his credibility itself! With a credible, although not very successful tenure of 30 years, Amber Shahzada hasn’t lost hope. He has lost more than 40 elections, though. So there’s that.

He’s quirky, he loves changing his symbols frequently, because kyun nahi? And he seems to have quite a fan following, too.

Via Giphy

Pakistanis are already down AF to vote for him.

For starters, he’s pretty much okay with being vocal about his corruption.

In fact, he thinks it’s a way towards progress.

But he also condemns it.

“Corruption kam, kaam ziada! Long live Shazada! Long live Shahzada!”

Va Tenor

Just so you guys know, he’s kind of a veteran. He has been in the Pakistani political scene for over 3 decades, which has got to earn him some experience and brownie points! Shahzada Saab has contested in 40+ elections!

Well, 41 to be precise. All of which he’s lost…

Source: CBS Paramount Domestic Television

But he takes it all in his stride. Haar ke aagey jeet hai?

Creativity is his strong point.

Who wouldn’t call him creative with a party name such as “Aap, janaab sarkar“? Let us not miss out on his self-proclaimed status of Pakistan’s alternative Prime Minister!

He has an obsession with all things related to food!

His electoral symbol selection is also rather unique, to say the least. Ranging from apples to spoons; Ambar Shahzada has tried it all.

Via Twitter

Btw, he did show some concern over losing the elections even when his symbol was an apple. He could not fathom the fact why people had failed to understand the nutritional richness of an apple.

Dropping subtle hints towards the benefits of his own government maybe?

Via Giphy

Don’t know about you guys, but I know who I’m voting for. “Mera bus aik he irada, Prime Minister Amber Shahzada!”

Via Tenor


On a serious note, the elections are coming up soon. Please fo vote if you can – for someone you 100% believe in because of their passion for building a better Pakistan. What do you think of our alternate PM though? Let us know!


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