Akshay Kumar's “PadMan” Has Been Banned In Pakistan For All The Wrong Reasons

By Arslan Athar | 10 Feb, 2018

Bollywood has been abuzz with the release of ‘PadMan’, a movie revolving around a man’s struggle to make basic menstrual hygiene accessible to as many women as possible.


Our very own Malala took part in the promotional campaign for the movie, as did many other celebrities.

Source: Twitter


Sadly, as of today the movie has been banned in Pakistan, and the way it’s been done is pretty bad. 

The Punjab Censor Board says the film ‘ruins Islamic values’ and that the movie cannot for that very reason be played in Pakistan. According to a news story, the members of the censor board did not even WATCH THE MOVIE before reaching a decision about banning it or not.

The members were hesitant to watch the film as it covered matters relating to periods and menstrual hygiene.


Pakistanis on Twitter were not happy by this move.

Sarcasm ran wild 

People were shocked at how messed up our priorities are 

Many Pakistanis were looking forward to watching this unique movie 

And ofcourse what discussion about censorship isn’t complete without mention of Padmavaat

This ban is indicative of how we treat “taboo” topics 

And it just seems like stuff is not getting better on this front 

It’s just very discouraging how public discourse on certain issues is just NOT allowed in Pakistan. In a country where about half the population has periods, we cannot just pretend like it doesn’t happen or that it ‘ruins our faith’.

As one Twitter user said, this movie was meant to raise awareness about the issue of menstrual hygiene and health, it aimed to start discussion and educate those who watched it. Our censor board chose to ban that effort without even giving it a fair chance. The stigma around periods and pads really needs to end. Banning this movie just reinforces the current thinking around menstruation and it just seems like we’re stuck in a big cycle.


What do you think about the ban on PadMan?

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