Here's The Complete Guide On What To Pack If You're Ever Visiting Pakistan

By Lamees Wajahat | 25 Jan, 2017

Traveling to Pakistan is an experience most of us share, be it positive or negative. Some of us travel frequently and leave no room for relatives to miss us, whereas the rest of us treat it like the pilgrimage of a diaspora. However one thing that almost stays constant is the content of our suitcases.


Start with a huge suitcase, you’ll need it.

And here’s why you’ll need the big suitcase:



I don’t know what it is about this one.

Personally, whenever I go to Pakistan I inhale those Cadbury eclairs and eat my weight in Cocomo. But my mother clears out the confectionery aisles in almost every grocery store, in Canada, every time we visit Pakistan.

If I didn’t pack socks it’s because Mano needed her Kit Kat and Kinder eggs are Ashi’s favourite.

Even though you get them. Locally. In Pakistan. Where they live.


Soap and Shampoo

This is another odd thing.

Pakistan has some of the nicest soaps and shampoos. Hello Sunsilk???

But my phuppis can only wash their ghaney zulfein with foreign Pantene. Extra points if you tape them up to keep them safe in the suitcase.


HUGE bottles of Vitamins


Panadol. Tylenol. Advil. Vitamins A, B, C and D. Pop those pills.



Source: Pepto Bismol

This is a personal carry.

You will need this for the countless late nights eating greasy pakoray, spicy chaat and chatpata fries with the ganda ketchup. Totally worth the gas and the ass.



Source: 220 Electronics

You might need converters for your flat pins to turn them into round pins, otherwise your DSLR will remain uncharged and you wont have any nYcc ClickKzz for your Instagram.



Source: Giphy

How many bottles of Charlie can we shove into this bag? Bath and Body Works is having a three for $15 deal…

My mother has probably convinced the family that we only need to pack one pair of shoes each to accommodate our friends Mango Passion, Summer Breeze and Japanese Blossom.

You’re welcome, Chachi!




Why come to Canada when it can come to you?

T-shirts with Niagara/Toronto/Maple Leaf? Check.

Shot glasses for decoration? Check.

A red and white keychain? Check.

Dollar Store Zindabad.


Comfortable Shoes

Source: Giphy

Listen, this is a must. I know everyone survives in Metro and Stylo shoes, but they are some of the most uncomfortable shoes ever. They are not designed for hour long excursions in Anarkali bazaar or the khaddey ridden streets. Do yourself a favor and bring your favorite sneakers or slip ons aur tu bhaag Milkha!



I’m not going to question this one. I will do anything to annihilate those creepy, fluffy white cats with glowing red eyes. Teddy bears with silk hearts, you are not safe either.




There will be an assortment of Avon nail polishes, lipsticks and pencils tossed in a plastic bag.

It will weigh more than your khala’s new baby.


Tiger Balm

Source: Quickie Chick

Lol my shirt smells like eucalyptus.


If you’re lucky, you might be able to fit a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts in, as well.

Source: Deenga

Enjoy your stay!


Cover image via: ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube

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