All The Things That Happen When There's No Garam Paani During Winter

By Momina Mindeel | 25 Jan, 2017

Imagine entering your bathroom expecting a steaming hot water bath to calm your nerves, but instead finding out that the house geyser has stopped working. This can easily be categorized as one of the worst nightmares of your lives. However, no matter how many precautionary measures we take, house geysers give up on us every now and then.

Here are all the things that happen when your house geyser is not working:


1. You actually deliberate hiding your hair under a hoodie to hide how greasy AF your head looks

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2. If it’s something important, you consider going to your rich phupho‘s house, even though you know she’ll never let you bathe in peace


3. But then you put all the daigchas, fill them with water to the brim and put them on full heat

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4. You even try and asking all your friends if they have some hot water to spare

Source: Pakistani Gif World


5. You wonder if “paani nahi araha” is a legitimate excuse to ditch plans

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6. Dry shampoos, powders, perfumes, deodorants and hair mousse become your life saviors for the day

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7. You finally realize how blessed you’ve been to have water all your life and vow never to waste it anymore

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8. You try and distract people with everything possible like heavy makeup, if you’re a girl, or bright clothes, if you’re a guy

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9. If you’re a rich princess, you just go to a hair salon and get a random haircut because the hair wash and styling is complimentary 

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10. And if you’re a poor peasant, you end up dancing your way through the cold shower all the while cursing your bad luck 

Source: Tumblr


11. But actually, you cancel all the non-important plans, put on your PJs and decide to call it a day 

Source: Tumblr

Cover Image Via:Unilever Pakistan

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