Osman Khalid Butt Is Calling Out Our Double Standards Against Mahira Khan And It's Perfect

By Sarah Babar | 23 Sep, 2017

Osman Khalid Butt is precious to all of us. From his acting skills to his dancing, from that face of his to the fact that he’s never shied away from standing up for what he believes in, he means so much to his fans. He has always stood by his friends, supporting them every step of the way. So when Mahira Khan, was in the spotlight for the worst possible reason, he was bound to step in.


With images of Mahira Khan with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, a lot of fragile egos and institutions of sharafat policing were shattered


And while people were quick to call her out for her ‘besharmi’ there have been more people who have come out in her support



Thank God for ‘liberalism’, right?


Among the supporters have been celebrities like the Hocane sisters


Pakistani’s sweetheart – Momina Mustehsan


Indian stand-up comedian, Daniel Fernandes, also had something to say



And the powerhouse and proud shatterer of stereotypes, herself, Meesha Shafi


One such man has been Osman Khalid Butt, this gorgeous man was one of the first to jump on the pro-Mahira train in the best way possible

Also, we hate bringing this up, but Osman has a better posture than Mahira…sorry Mahira, we love you!


Osman, in doing so, raised his voice against the blatant disparity between how men and women are treated in our society, with regards to their actions in the public (even personal) space

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

‘SHOCKING: Behaya male actor cigarette-noshi kartay huay pakray gaye – sharamnaak manazir’… said NO ONE EVER. F*** your double standards


Osman also didn’t hesitate to challenge those who tried calling him out on his tweet

Like Z_shan here who thought that all the problems in the world still revolve around men


And then when liberalism was slated as the root cause of all the problems in the world (maybe even Trump) Obi wasn’t having any of it



All we want to say is Osman Khalid Butt, thank you for existing and making our lives better. You do you, Obiwan, you do you.

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