This Restaurant In Lahore Is Reviving Authentic BBQ And Uff Roza Lag Raha Hai

By Momina Mindeel | 5 Jun, 2017

While all of us praise Lahore for its exceptional treasure troves of BBQ Tandoori Chicken, they are not very authentic mainly because they are grilled and are laced with ghee that isn’t very healthy. There are hardly any restaurants in Lahore that offer the original tandoori BBQ anymore, except one or two in the walled city. Except for this rare find.

Everything here represents something.’

‘Our logo pays a long due tribute to the King of Lollywood – Sultan Rahi, the truck art souvenirs, the furniture and the paintings purely reflect Pakistani culture and our recipes have a hint of familial warmth and love as some of them are exclusively are our own family’s,” says Muhammad Mujtaba, the brains behind the new desi restaurant in Lahore, Pataka Boti.

Source: Pataka Boti/Facebook

When I first visited Pataka Boti, I didn’t expect anything exceptional to come my way as we have tons of desi restaurants in Lahore that offer almost the same things. However, the moment I took the first bite of their exclusive Satrangi Handi, it was like heaven, Christmas and everything else in my mouth, all going on at the same time. Turns out, the family behind Pataka Boti came up with this recipe on their own.

With a combination of handpicked chilies, mushrooms and hand ground spices, this white handi will take your taste buds for a roller coaster ride!

Source: Pataka Boti/Facebook

I had always underestimated the value of a original Tandoori BBQ until I had Pataka Boti’s acclaimed Pataka Boti (geddit?) mainly because I had never tasted the original in my life, given almost every bbq place offers only the grilled bbq.

Multani Mus Baked Tandoor, a dash of paprika, lime and hand ground spices, the chef’s special Pataka Boti, is one of its kind.

Source: Pataka Boti/Facebook

Apart from the exceptionally authentic food, the place exudes an aura of warmth and all things desi.


The stairsteps are inundated with glorious truck quotes while the walls are full of truck art souvenirs and beautiful paintings from around the cultural and historical sites of Pakistan.

Source: Pataka Boti/Facebook


All family days including mother’s day, father’s day and what not are celebrated with the greatest zeal and vigour and the place basically promotes anything and everything family and desi.

Source: Pataka Boti/Facebook

Based on the ideas of hospitality and love, Pataka Boti is revisiting the true essence of BBQ (which is super duper delicious, omg! I am not food expert but omg! It is way juicier than all the other BBQs and is tender all the way). Also, their Mint di Mar – a desi version of Mint Margarita is the best I’ve ever had.

They say it has got a secret ingredient but won’t say what it is. 

But that’s alright kyun kay hamain tou bus khanay se gharz hai. Am I right or am I right?


Cover Image Via: Pataka Boti/Facebook
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