Someone Just Found The Origin Of “Pindi Boys” And The Discovery Will Blow You Away

By Ather Ahmed | 21 Jul, 2017

Lets be clear for a second here.’Pindi Boys’ is not just a catch phrase used to describe social outcasts in Urban Punjab. It’s a whole cultural movement. For some, it’s a complete way of life. You can’t just become a Pindi boy. It’s an institution that has been around for years.


Much like how a Jedi is chosen at birth by the force, for a selected few their fate as Pindi Boys is sealed since the start

Source: Lucasfilm

Not much is known about the origins of this order. There are of course speculations on the matter. With many linking the movement to the pyramids in Egypt, the Stonehenge or when Homo Sapiens invented the wheel.

But none of them are backed up by concrete evidence. No major breakthrough had been made in regard to the history of Pindi Boys. Until now that is.


Somewhere near Saif Ul Muluk there is  site that could very well be the key to unlocking the mystery of “Pindi Boys”

Source: Humans Of Pindi/Facebook

I know what you’re thinking ” Its just a rock with Pindi Boy written on it”. Well, it holds a lot of significance. Pindi boys from across the world come to show their respect here.


A Facebook Page known as Humans Of Pindi has uncovered the truth behind it

Basically this is where the first Pindi Boy landed on earth. His name is Bawa Qadra. It is yet to be determined from which planet Bawa hails from. It could be highly likely that the boy much like Superman was shipped off from a highly advanced alien civilization.

Source: Warner Brothers

So Bawa came to earth somewhere in the early 18th century. He wrote this inscription on the rock during the late 1700s during his last days.

Here’s the full excerpt from the page:

“In 1723, There was a boy named Bawa Qadra, the first pindi boy ever to visit earth. He was born in Rawalpindi, He was very happy type of person he enjoyed his life to full, the only bad thing about him was that he used to abuse too much. The Picture you are looking at, is the picture of remains of bawa qadra, archeologists say that, this rock was written by bawa qadra in 1770’s as he was living his last days of life, some historians say that its the grave of bawa and some say that while riding bawa made his horse to run on two legs only and thus the pour soul died due to Raja jee dua wheel chukso, This rock is situated near Saif-ul-malook”


Naturally many learned scholars shared their opinons on the Pindi Boy phenomena

Source: Humans Of Pindi/Facebook


If you know anything else regarding the legend of Bawa Qadra, please let us know in the comments.


Cover image via: Jasim Haider

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