Oreo Reminds Us To Stay Playful

By MangoBaaz Studio | 2 Mar, 2022

Life is all about having fun, and the new Oreo TVC is also reminding us to not let the seriousness of adulthood weigh us down. No matter how old we are, there’s always room to stay playful, and we couldn’t agree more!

Happiness is determined by how you respond to the realities of the world. Oreo wants everyone to focus on how positive life can be with meaningful connections. Choose to find the beauty in the chaos, choose to grin despite the simplicity, choose to keep your feet on the ground, and be happy and content with what you have. Life should be about creating playful, memorable moments with the ones you love.

The TVC starts with the young girl having a bit of harmless fun, but she keeps getting interrupted by her father, who seriously urges her to stop by saying the term “aisay nahi kartay”. We’ve heard plenty of that in our lifetime, how to eat, how to sit, how to laugh, the list can go on. This also makes us wonder if she is just being herself, a kid. The moment Oreo cookies are introduced, the mood lightens up as the young girl now uses the words, playfully, on her father by explaining the Oreo ritual. The sweet, playful connection is not just a delight to view but is a gentle reminder to live a little and enjoy meaningful connections with a loved one.

You can watch the TVC here:

The new Oreo TVC is the embodiment of the concept of creating playful connections. Oreo, as a brand as well, has always been focused on the importance of bringing people together and enjoying life with a playful spirit.



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Cover image via Oreo

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