Oreo Is Coming Up With A New Flavor And Guys, I'm Already Drooling

By MangoBaaz Studio | 24 Aug, 2019

Oreo is coming up with a new flavor and my taste buds are READY.

We’ve all legit grown up with Oreo, licking the cream off of the biscuits, dunking them in a glass of super cold milk – it’s just been legit our go-to snack since forever.

Most of us are familiar with the classic flavor that comes to our minds when we think of Oreo, but the game’s about to get changed!

Being the world’s number one biscuit and one of the all-time favorites in Pakistan, it is known for launching interesting flavors across the world and currently has over 130 flavors across the globe! Pakistan’s finally about to get a brand new flavor and you gotta guess what it is.

Well, that kinda gives it away… BUT IMAGINE: Strawberry Oreo!

Source: Oreo Pakistan

You bet we tried the new flavor as soon as we got our hands on it, especially when it came to us in such a pretty package.

Source: Oreo Pakistan

If you’re looking for an honest, unfiltered, completely unbiased review coming from a die-hard Oreo fan? It tastes HEAVENLY! It has a very unique aroma TBH – kinda strong, but also very pleasant at the same time. Kinda like strawberry cheesecake, but imagine that goodness in that signature Oreo chocolate shell. This is everything that our childhoods had missing, no kidding!

My IRL reaction:

Source: Lamarr Wilson / YouTube

Overall, we are living in a TRULY exciting time to be able to delve into this new world of Oreo. 

And Pakistan’s finally getting those amazing flavors from around the world – finger’s crossed for another amazing flavor super soon. But until then, we shall all overdose on the new Strawberry Oreos and thank the Lord for blessing us with them!

Source: Oreo Pakistan

What do you think about the new flavor? Are you gonna head out to the market ASAP to get them? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Oreo.

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