An Ode To Chai – The One True King Of Beverages In Pakistan

By Sajeer Shaikh | 8 May, 2017

Everyone loves¬†chai¬†– it¬†unites us and is almost every Pakistani’s go-to beverage. It’s the solution to every problem. Feeling down? Have some chai.¬†Sar main dard hai?¬†Tea’s the answer. Have guests over? Make some tea. Meeting hai? Chai¬†serve¬†karlo.¬†

As a nation, Pakistanis are pretty dependent on tea. If they don’t get their¬†subah ki chai,¬†the day feels incomplete. Some people absolutely NEED to have¬†shaam ki chai.¬†I, too, cannot function without at least one cup of tea everyday. My day just doesn’t make any sense without tea. Since tea basically has its own fan club in Pakistan, it’s only fair to appreciate it fully and in the right way. My love for¬†this beverage¬†knows no bounds. So here’s a little appreciation post for pretty much the best beverage our country has to offer:

As the sun in the morning peaks through the blinds,

Source: Neude / YouTube

It is you and your aroma I ardently find.

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana / YouTube

As I struggle through all the grogginess galore,

Source: Make A Gif

I know you’re my remedy – like you have been before.


Hot water, some sugar, and a spoonful of patti,


Pour in some milk, and you have a perfect cup of tea.

Source: Warren Nash / YouTube

The first sip is like an explosion within,

Source: Tarang / YouTube

The smell feels welcoming – it keeps drawing me in.

Source: Wiffle Gif

Suddenly my neurons feel ignited and alive,

Source: Pinterest

And I couldn’t be happier to have¬†chai in my¬†life.

Source: Giphy

As I sip and anticipate¬†the tasks of the day –

Source: Tumblr

I know I’ll be fine¬†because of¬†chai¬†– my true bae.

Source: Sanjay Kapoor Khazana / YouTube


What would we do without you, chai? Aap ke bagair din poora nahi hota. We, as a nation, collectively thank you for existing and enriching our lives.

Cover image via: Eat This, Not That

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